Why Do Happy Customers Leave?

In this blog, Bill Gillespie shares how a past sales loss highlighted the importance of client-focused innovations.

Reports of an M&A Slowdown Are Off the Mark — Here’s Why

Thank the steadfast strategy of financial buyers for keeping the pace of acquisitions brisk in 2023 and carrying the momentum to 2024.

Print Helps Foster a Love for STEM Subjects in Kids

GEW partnered with several local colleges in the UK to retrofit a double-decker bus to turn it into a mobile STEM workshop for kids.

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Business Management

In this blog, Bill Gillespie shares how a past sales loss highlighted the importance of client-focused innovations.

Thank the steadfast strategy of financial buyers for keeping the pace of acquisitions brisk in 2023 and carrying the momentum to 2024.

GEW partnered with several local colleges in the UK to retrofit a double-decker bus to turn it into a mobile STEM workshop for kids.


In the world of packaging, focusing solely on problems won't cut it. Blogger Allison Berg highlights the need to shift towards innovative solutions and reimagining printed packaging that protects natural resources and performs in retail environments.

If you are considering selling your business, let’s review some steps to help maximize shareholder value and minimize the drama.

Companies don’t prioritize M&As on their trade show agendas, but the capital investments they make at these events tell us something.

The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to have a bearing on mergers and acquisitions among printing and packaging companies as we enter 2021. But, the virus won’t be making the deals. Smart owners will, and with realism and flexibility, the deals can be as good as any in a normal year.


A proposed Washington state bill was amended to include a ban of all printing inks and paints that use chlorinated pigments.

New offerings from INX are meeting the needs of corrugated printers and converters head-on, with new ink sets that complement single-pass printing technologies, a new water-based primer and formulations that reduce overall printing emissions. PRINTING United Booth 10555.

With Color-Logic software now distributed as an option with the Xerox Iridesse™ press, designers, agencies and more can be trained to fully utilize the press's metallic capabilities and produce a variety of embellishments. PRINTING United Booth 10564 and 12345, 12541.


The Anstadt Co. looked to new folding carton printing opportunities in digital packaging print technology for growth.

While the handling of a physical product is already a proven method of establishing a strong connection, adding print embellishments can take that connection to a new level. By enhancing a printed product, a fuller sensory experience can be achieved, leading to a deeper impression on the consumer.

A growing opportunity for print service providers is digital printing enhancement: print work that is embellished or enhanced with special effects produced on digital presses or finishing equipment.

Digital Printing-Toner

With HP's digital printing capabilities, Incapto is able to explore new forms of personalization and co-creation of its coffee packaging as a form of communication to reinforce engagement with consumers, making them feel included, thereby driving social impact and amplifying its purpose.

Interactive Print

The value Augmented Reality brings to all forms of print is significant.

Augmented reality is one of the biggest technology trends right now, and it’s only getting bigger as AR-ready smartphones and other devices become more accessible. This holiday season marketers are leveraging the technology to drive both consumer engagement and purchases … and in some cases it is blended with print.

Digital Printing-Inkjet

Printing and packaging industries benefit from influx of digital printing platforms across commercial, in-plant, packaging segments.

The invitation-only event offers insights into what industry leaders should do to improve and optimize their business.

Printing labels on inkjet devices offers print providers, converters, and product owners competitive cost structures, faster printing speeds, enhanced image quality, and the ability to print on a wide variety of substrates.

Brand Management

File errors are one of the biggest workflow cripplers in the printing industry.

Printers focus on how a project looks, but how often do you consider the suitability of a printed piece for someone with a disability?

A new partnership between HP and Agfa works to increase brand protection and enhance the strength of security printing. The new program increases the controllable capability of variable data printing, while preserving excellent print quality. PRINTING United Booth 8242 and 6407, 6416.

Data Management

When it comes to teaching package design, one thing there is no shortage of is opinions. But when you get to the marketplace, how much are opinions worth? At the end of the day, it's the consumer's opinion that counts. How is the student supposed to get exposure to that kind of knowledge?

Color/Quality Control

Trying to achieve a shared visual appearance between products printed on different media with different printers can be challenging. That’s where good color management can make all the difference.

As a printer, making sure your customer is happy is a top priority. Print buyers — your customers — care about what the final product looks like and if the correct colors have been printed. And that is one of the biggest reasons G7 is important.

GMG’s new ColorServer 5.1 is designed specifically for high-quality color conversion, even on unusual substrates. Further, the system offers an expanded color capability, allowing package designers a wider variety of design choices. PRINTING United Booth 10561.


MacDermid Graphics Solutions has become the first flexographic plate manufacturer to partner with Digimarc. Through the newly established partnership, Digimarc's traceability technology will be further expanded into the flexographic printing market.

Direct, Global Graphics’ latest class of software, is a new graphics pipeline that sends data directly to the printhead electronics instead of writing to disk, significantly reducing image processing times, easily handling large volumes of data, and accelerating the time to print.

The new Label Automation Suite from OneVision can work in concert with the SCREEN Truepress Jet L350UV+ to offer both outstanding quality and throughput, enabling the label printer to access faster production times and maximum throughput. PRINTING United Booth 11553.

The new ArtPro+ software from Esko, which is intended for packaging, label, and wide-format customers, enables print efficiency by normalizing PDF workflow and creating a more stable production software environment. PRINTING United Booth 5404.

Digital Printing-Hybrid

Fujifilm is offering five new products designed to meet the needs of packaging producers including water-washable plates for flexible packaging, a cold-cure UV system and an enhanced plate processor. PRINTING United Booth 8220.

The partnership will result in the HP Indigo Digital Pouch, a system that allows HP Indigo customers to expand their offerings in product packaging. A new lamination solution, included as part of the new offering, is promoted as a sustainable option in packaging. PRINTING United Booth 10141 and 6407, 6416.

New from Xeikon is a solution to help printers enhance and increase the range of the labels they produce — including the generation of a tactile layer, which has become “de rigueur” in luxury product markets and provides access to more profitable applications. PRINTING United Booth 9344.

Digital Printing-Wide Format

The Nozomi, an ultra-high-speed, single-pass direct-to-board printer, has met Fogra’s PSD standard, which recognizes industrially oriented, standardized procedures for digital print products. This includes reduced waste, higher quality and overall sustainability. PRINTING United Booth 8233.

The new OnsetX HS from Fujifilm and Inca Digital prints at more than 15,000 square feet per hour, and can print on numerous materials, including corrugated. Integration of robotic systems ensures reliable, highest-speed throughput. PRINTING United Booth 8220.

Flexographic Printing

Recently, I was at a 3M symposium in Minneapolis when it was made abundantly clear there is confusion regarding target densities for the flexographic industry. Let’s try to clear up the confusion…

The fingerprint is a vital step in ensuring repeatable print and maximizing the tonal range output of your press. During a fingerprint, repeatability is key. If you can’t repeat it, don’t waste your time!

Press optimizations will allow you to know without a doubt, how to choose the best anilox roll engravings, the optimal mounting tape density to select and the best ink for a job. However, most people are either unsure of how to properly complete an optimization or don’t see the importance of it.