Lisa Cross

Lisa Cross

Lisa Cross is the principal analyst of NAPCO Research (a unit of NAPCO Media) where she conducts market research and analysis on emerging trends and changing dynamics in the commercial, in-plant and packaging industries, and the market forces that are driving those changes. With decades of experience covering the graphic arts and marketing industries, Cross has authored thousands of articles on a variety of topics, including technology trends,  business strategy, sales, marketing and legislation.

Research Reveals Compensation Offerings in Package Printing

The importance of workforce development is a top-of-mind issue throughout the package printing industry. Offering enticing salaries and benefits is a key component for package printers and converters to attract the next generation, so Packaging Impressions and NAPCO Research recently conducted a survey to identify salary ranges and benefits for various job titles in the industry.

Research: Trends in Hiring Skilled Packaging Production Staff

Finding and retaining skilled packaging production staff is a universal challenge for all segments of the packaging industry. To help identify staffing-related challenges and the actions printers and converters have taken to overcome them, NAPCO Research and Packaging Impressions have released a survey-based research report.

Research: Brand Owners Weigh in on Digital Packaging

Digital package printing is redefining the ways brand owners are using packaging to engage consumers and drive purchasing. In a new special report, NAPCO Research has highlighted and analyzed packaging trends in key industries, with a special focus on the food and beverage market segment.

Research: Brands and Converters Weigh in on Digital Packaging

Digital printing in packaging has been on the rise for years, but is now poised for increased adoption across all packaging segments. In this research report from NAPCO Research, brand owners and package printers provide their insights into the drivers behind the growth of digital packaging technology.