Cory Francer

Cory Francer

Cory Francer is the editor-in-chief of Packaging Impressions.

How Autumn's Gold Achieves Consistency with Digital Print

In today's episode of POW!, we take a look at an award winning, digitally-printed folding carton that not only demonstrates the exceptional print quality digital provides, but how the technology can also be used to match colors used in other packaging formats.

Domino Unveils the New X630i Digital Press for Corrugated

On what would have been the first day of drupa 2020, Domino unveiled its new X630i single-pass aqueous inkjet press for the corrugated segment. The virtual event featured an overview of the new press and an introduction to one of the first companies that will install it.

How Faces Behind Masks Uses Digital Printing to Bring the Human Touch Back to Hospitals

When Rafi Albo saw an opportunity to use his digital printing expertise to benefit people in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, Faces Behind Masks was born. The nonprofit initiative connects digital printers to medical professionals to produce stickers of doctors' and nurses' faces that they can adhere to their PPE, making a personal connection in a challenging health care environment.

Maximizing the Advantages of Hybrid Printing Technology

Digital and conventional printing have long been considered to be complementary technologies. However, when combined as hybrid printing technology, it can bring the best of both worlds to a single solution.

How a Premium Paint Utilizes a Premium Label

When a consumer is choosing a paint to apply to the inside or outside of their home, they know they are most likely making a long-term decision. So, when quality is of the utmost importance, a premium label can go a long way in engaging the consumer. By implementing visual and tactile elements into its labels, Valspar has created a package that matches its premium messaging.

How Bear Naked Granola Flexible Pouches Enter the Recycle Stream

While flexible packaging provides many environmental advantages, challenges around recyclability have been a key issue to overcome. In today's episode of POW! we take a look at how Bear Naked granola has implemented a resealable pouch that is ready for recycling at in-store drop off locations.

How Archer Farms Takes Store Brand Packaging to New Heights

In today's episode of POW!, we take a look at how store brands can compete with their big-name counterparts with innovative and creative packaging design. Archer Farms, which can be found at Target stores, has done an excellent job of this with its coffee packaging.

TEAM Concept Reveals its Latest Investment in Packaging Growth

TEAM Concept, a print service provider in Carol Stream, Ill., has announced its latest expansion project, which will increase the company's packaging capabilities. In addition to a physical expansion, TEAM Concept is adding a new Komori GL640 offset press.