Cory Francer

Cory Francer

Cory Francer is the editor-in-chief of Packaging Impressions.

Cory, Linda Discuss Their Roles as Part of NAPCO’s Commitment to Packaging

Longtime Packaging Impressions editor-in-chief Cory Francer introduces the magazine’s new editor-in-chief Linda Casey. They also discuss Cory’s new role as an industry analyst for NAPCO Research and how he will continue to be part of the Packaging Impressions community through his research work.

Optimizing Production for Short Run Success

Decreased run lengths are here to stay as brand owners expand product lines and seek packaging flexibility. Printers and converters must strategize to succeed in this short-run reality.

Colorful On-the-Go Salad Harnesses the Power of Flexible Packaging

On today's episode of POW!, we highlight an innovative product from Brad's Plant Based. The air dried Snackable Salad to Go is made feasible by the use of a brightly colored flexible pouch, which brings a whole new meaning to portable salad and healthy snacking on the go.

TriState Container Takes Customer-Centric Approach to Digital Corrugated Production

TriState Container was recently announced as the first install location for Xeikon’s IDERA, the new single-pass, production-level, digital corrugated platform. Allen Friedman, president of TriState Container, says he is excited to see the advantages that IDERA can bring to his customers from both a cost and creativity standpoint.

How Compostable Packaging Helps this Microwaveable Meal Brand Stand Out

On today's episode of POW!, we're taking a look at the packaging for Passage Foods. These meals, which do not require refrigeration or freezing, feature a compostable bowl, along with a recyclable paperboard sleeve, making for a convenient and environmentally-friendly package.

How Sprite's Labels Become Your Summer Concert Ticket

On today's episode of POW!, we're taking a look at Sprite's Live from the Label initiative, which provides consumers with access to livestreamed concerts throughout the summer via a QR code printed on its labels.

Award-Winning Resealable Can Gives Gamers the Fuel to Compete

On today's episode of POW!, we're taking a look at the resealable can for Mountain Dew's Game Fuel energy drink, a product designed with video gamers in mind. Unlike the typical tab-based opening system, the Game Fuel cans feature a resealable closure that allows gamers to keep the beverage fresh and prevent spills.