Cory Francer

Cory Francer

Cory Francer is the editor-in-chief of Packaging Impressions.

How This New Coffee Brand Engages Consumers with Corrugated

In today's episode of POW!, we're taking a look at Others Coffee, a new Washington, D.C.-based company that has embraced corrugated packaging for its coffee. The brand's packaging stands out with its excellent color scheme and graphics, and how it utilizes every panel of the box to engage with the consumer.

Rick Stokes Shares the Latest Sustainability Initiatives from Sun Chemical

In a recent conversation with Packaging Impressions, Rick Stokes, director of Sun Chemical's Coatings Group, shared the company's latest sustainability initiatives. Additionally, the conversation covered sustainability trends in packaging, and how converters can implement the innovations from Sun Chemical.

TLMI Spring Meeting Highlights Industry Leadership

On April 14, the virtual TLMI Spring Summit featured two panels on the topic of leadership — one featuring five representatives from label printing and converting companies, and the other with five supplier representatives spanning different aspects of the label industry.

Morton Salt Redesigns an Iconic Package with an AR Twist

In an effort to reach a younger demographic, Morton Salt shifted its packaging to a clear plastic canister, adorned with a shrink sleeve. The graphics and typography were updated to a more contemporary style, but perhaps most exciting of all, select packages include an augmented reality experience.

How this Vinyl Record Packaging Takes Listeners on a Journey

On today's episode of POW! we turn our attention to the media and entertainment packaging segment for a look at an award-winning vinyl record package, Spirit World Field Guide by Aesop Rock. The album's packaging was honored with the "They Said it Couldn't Be Done" award in the recent Making Vinyl Packaging Awards.