Shawn Oetjen

Shawn Oetjen

Shawn Oetjen is the flexo trainer at Flexographic Tech in Minneapolis, where he oversees the unique cooperative training program founded by AWT Labels & Packaging and Computype. He graduated from Clemson University with a B.S. in Graphic Communications and also holds two associate’s degrees; one in graphics and packaging and another in computer networking, both from Dunwoody College of Technology. Oetjen possess a wealth of knowledge and experience from working in various capacities within the flexographic industry including education, production, technical service and sales. He has a keen knowledge and understanding of the flexographic process from start to finish. Oetjen is actively involved with the Flexographic Technical Association and received the FTA’s president’s award in 2010. Shawn Oetjen is on the Executive Committee for the Flexographic Quality Consortium and is the president of the Twin Cities Flexo Association.

The Critical Role of Light in the Perception of Color

For package printers and their customers, achieving the desired color on the final printed product is always a top priority. But when a package is viewed under different lighting conditions, the perception of color can change. Here are some tips for package printers to ensure they and their customers are viewing color consistently.

Delta What? - An Introduction to Delta E

Brands and their associated colors are often so closely connected that consumers can quickly recognize a brand based solely off color - think Coca-Cola and red. In packaging, color differentiation is often measured in terms of "Delta E," with the goal to keep that number as low as possible. But what exactly is Delta E, and how can printers better understand this essential measurement?

Clearing Up Target Density Confusion

Recently, I was at a 3M symposium in Minneapolis when it was made abundantly clear there is confusion regarding target densities for the flexographic industry. Let’s try to clear up the confusion…

Repeatability: The Key to a Successful Fingerprint

The fingerprint is a vital step in ensuring repeatable print and maximizing the tonal range output of your press. During a fingerprint, repeatability is key. If you can’t repeat it, don’t waste your time!

Press Optimization: Setting the Foundation for Quality Print

Press optimizations will allow you to know without a doubt, how to choose the best anilox roll engravings, the optimal mounting tape density to select and the best ink for a job. However, most people are either unsure of how to properly complete an optimization or don’t see the importance of it.