Toni McQuilken

Toni McQuilken

Toni McQuilken is the senior editor for the printing and packaging group.

Are Flexible Microchips Part of the Future of Print?

With the latest innovations in the world of printed electronics, we move one step closer to the ability to directly print microchips onto paper and plastics. While the technology still has a long way to go, it is a tantalizing glimpse of the future of print.

Digital Packaging Summit: The Evolving World of Package Printing

The 2020 Digital Packaging Summit went live on Tuesday as a virtual event, with conference co-chair Marco Boer, VP of I.T. Strategies, opening the event with a closer look at the state of the packaging market today, and where digital print technologies are coming into play.

Improving the Packaging Design Connection

Packaging design and production are two key components of creating a successful final package. But how can package printers and designers improve their collaborations throughout the process?

The Shifting Packaging Needs of Small Brands

Small, boutique, and local brands already had unique packaging needs. But as the COVID-19 pandemic impacts the retail landscape, brands and their printing partners are collaborating to adjust.

Rising Star Austin Meissner Wants to Take Color Ink to the Next Level

Third-generation printer Austin Meissner, sales and sourcing manager at Color Ink, says that the future of technology is one of the things that excites him most about the industry. A drive to keep learning and evolving is what motivates Meissner to help take his company to the next level.

World Arts Printing Expands into Packaging

World Arts Printing evolved from its newspaper roots into a modern printing powerhouse. With a strong foothold in commercial printing, the installation of a new UV offset press is helping the operation to diversify into packaging, among other new service offerings.

Practical Steps Toward a More Sustainable Process

As consumers continue to value an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, brands will seek out packaging providers to help them share a strong sustainability story. For package printers, it’s important to understand steps they can take toward a greener direction.

Understanding the Impact of Automation

By targeting the right aspects of their businesses and taking customer needs into account, printers and converters can increase their success when assessing automation.

Packaging for the Boutique Brand

Consumers are increasingly seeking out products from craft, boutique and artisanal brands, whose packaging needs tend to differ from their larger CPG counterparts.

Going Green with Folding Cartons

While each packaging format has sustainability attributes, paperboard-based folding cartons earn strong marks in recyclability and material renewability.

Flexible Packaging Opportunity for Narrow-Web Newcomers

With a growing need for short-run flexible packaging across a variety of segments, narrow-web flexographic printers have emerged as a viable platform to shoulder some of this work, which has historically been dominated by dedicated wide-web printers.

Are Commercial Printers Invading Package Printing?

With plenty of demand and opportunity to grow, packaging is an enticing market for commercial printers. But package printers have good reason to feel confident in an increasingly competitive field.