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Andrew D. Paparozzi joined PRINTING United Alliance as Chief Economist in 2018. He analyzes and reports on economic, technological, social and demographic trends that will define the printing industry’s future. His most important responsibility, however, is being an observer of the industry by listening to the issues and concerns of company owners, executives and managers.

Previously, he worked 31 years at the National Association for Printing Leadership. He has also taught mathematics, statistics and economics at various colleges.

Andrew holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics f rom Boston College and a Master’s degree in economics — with concentrations in econometrics and public finance — from Columbia University.

David reports on economic and industry trends which aim to help printers navigate an ever-changing business environment

 He joins the Printing United Alliance research team after beginning his career at Printing Industries of America where he analyzed, reported and spoke on key trends in commercial print and aided in the revitalization of the historic Performance Ratios program.

Understanding the benefits provided by market intelligence can lead print executives to make the informed decision on whether or not to invest in it. Done right, market research can reveal hidden opportunities for revenue growth, deliver customer insight, and help read the tea leaves on where the industry is headed.

As the U.S. economy continues its climb from the depths of recession, there are still many questions regarding the second stimulus package. Further delays in an agreement could possibly lead to a deceleration of economic recovery. A situation like this would certainly slow recovery and the longer the wait, the more urgent the situation may become.

In the second COVID-19 Print Business Indicators Report, participants indicated that activity, as well as optimism, was rising across all segments compared to the deepest days of the crisis. While the road ahead may still be challenging, the past few months have been highlighted by some clear steps toward recovery.

Inkjet technology is rapidly gaining steam across the printing industry, and packaging is no exception. In this latest report from NAPCO Research, printers and converters share their experiences with digital printing and the ways they have deployed inkjet in their own operations.

Key printing industry business indicators are showing improvement, according to a recent NAPCO Research/PRINTING United Alliance survey. Improvement is over the deepest days of the COVID-19 crisis, and activity is still far below what is normal for this time of the year. But movement off the bottom is the first step toward recovery.

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