Adriane Harrison

Adriane Harrison

Adriane Harrison is Vice President, Human Relations Consulting at PRINTING United Alliance. Adriane assists members with a wide variety of HR matters involving statutes, regulations, policies, procedures, culture, and staffing, as well as the gamut of day-to-day HR issues.  In addition, she supports professional development by conducting webinars, participating in panel discussions, and speaking at industry events on human resources issues. Currently, Adriane is the Chairperson of the Graphic Communications Workforce Coalition, a member of the Women in Print Alliance, and a founder of the Women’s Print Mentoring Network.

Adriane received a journalism degree from the University of Illinois and a law degree from DePaul University in Chicago. As an attorney, Adriane practiced in both the public and private sectors. Her work was in the areas of Constitutional, commercial, securities, and criminal law. Adriane and her family live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Managing Employee Travel One Year Into the Pandemic

A year into the pandemic, it is much more difficult to ask employees to continue to forego travel when doing so might carry the same amount of risk of other activities that are not banned. Employee travel situations present HR professionals with questions about how risky the travel was and whether the employee is increasing the risk of exposure within your facility.