David Wilaj

David Wilaj

David Wilaj reports on economic and industry trends which aim to help printers navigate an ever-changing business environment

He joins the Printing United Alliance research team after beginning his career at Printing Industries of America where he analyzed, reported and spoke on key trends in commercial print and aided in the revitalization of the historic Performance Ratios program.

Print Industry's Consistent Recovery Marks Successful End to 2020

When looking at certain economic and industry indicators, it is easy to see exactly when the COVID-19 pandemic began to debilitate business. Fortunately, the print industry was able to adjust and although we remain far from pre-pandemic levels, these same indicators have already shown plenty of recovery progress.

Potential Policy Changes Following the 2020 Elections

A year full of uncertainty is capping itself off in a similar fashion as questions continue to swirl around the results of the 2020 elections. However, it may be time to start considering how the new administration’s policy changes can affect both business and the industry as a whole.

Without a Second Stimulus, Expect Recovery to Slow

As the U.S. economy continues its climb from the depths of recession, there are still many questions regarding the second stimulus package. Further delays in an agreement could possibly lead to a deceleration of economic recovery. A situation like this would certainly slow recovery and the longer the wait, the more urgent the situation may become.

COVID-19 Business Indicators Show Recovery, But a Rocky Road Still Lies Ahead

In the second COVID-19 Print Business Indicators Report, participants indicated that activity, as well as optimism, was rising across all segments compared to the deepest days of the crisis. While the road ahead may still be challenging, the past few months have been highlighted by some clear steps toward recovery.

Maintaining Profitability in Print Post COVID-19

With signs that the economy is beginning a path toward recovery, it's a good time to prepare your business for what lies ahead. A recent NAPCO Research report offers essential trends and strategies to help print service providers drive profitability into 2021 and beyond. Here are four key trends.

Benchmarking with PRINTING United Alliance’s Performance Ratios

In print, the best practices have been evolving for years across a diverse group of segments and there are plenty of lessons to be learned. Benchmarking against industry leaders and average companies provides invaluable insight and can set a struggling company on a new strategic path or even take an average firm to the next level of profitability.