packagePRINTING October 2009


Coast to Coast

Roundup of recent equipment, software and service purchases by packaging producers from across the United States.

Deliver What You Promise

Once Traco combined digital technology with its tried-and-true motto of "promise only what you can deliver, and deliver what you've promised," Traco was well on its way to success with short runs, building on the trust it had already established between the market and the company's sales staff.

Digital Domain

Digital printing and workflow developments for package printing, including items on  Alwan Color Expertise quality control, lenticular printing on Fujifilm Acuity, MGI and Axode partnership and Xanté Pantone license.

Digital Innovation

Innovative packaging implementations making a positive impact on store shelves, featuring work done by Fisher Design and Anthem Worldwide.

Industry Champion

With a career dedicated to the tag and label industry, Dave McDowell, chairman of McDowell Label and Screen Printing, is honored as packagePRINTING's 2009 TLMI Converter of the Year.

Pretty Perfect Piece

A total of 55 TLMI Label Awards were presented, including 37 first-place awards, 17 second place awards, and the coveted Best of Show award.

Printer News

Packaging printer news, including briefs on TLMI conference, Sonoco, Disc Graphics, Impressions Inc. and RockTenn.

Supplier News

Latest news on suppliers to the packaging printing industry, including briefs on KBA, Technicote, HP and Nilpeter.

Sustainability Watch

Sustainability news in the package printing industry, including Mohawk's EPA award, SGP Partnership update, Sonoco green ranking, and more.

Technology's Edge

State-of-the-art and future technologies for packaging printing, including Blue Spark Technologies' printed battery, LED UV and white ink proofing.

The Palazzo —Polischuk

The Palazzo Resort is the world's largest LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) building.

Where is Your Money Going

Managing consumables, as well as other major capital expenditures, requires a sound purchasing strategy based on several factors, including strategic sourcing, internal rationalization, and understanding the marketplace.