packagePRINTING November 2009


Business Confidence —Polischuk

The theme of this year's TLMI meeting was "From Crisis to Confidence: Capturing Opportunities out of Volatility." The speaker lineup came with impressive credentials and provided a wealth of advice that could be helpful in both business and personal dealings.


Roundup of recent equipment, software and service purchases by packaging producers from across the United States, including Packaging Graphics' new Bobst folder-gluer.


Innovative packaging implementations making a positive impact on store shelves, featuring Dow Industries re-energizing of IZOD Fragrance Brand.


Digital printing and workflow developments for package printing, including items on HP, PIA and VIM Technologies.

E-Packaging Innovations

Electronic packaging, or e-packaging, is a term turning up more and more frequently in the package-printing and converting industries. Although still in its early days, e-packaging represents a trend that promises to deliver a host of innovations in the months and years ahead. So what's it all about, and how will the trend affect companies engaged in developing and deploying packaging and packaging systems?

Extend Colors to Extend Reach

Of all the assets associated with a given brand, color is arguably the most identifiable. And not just any color, but rather the intense, vibrant color that differentiates a company from its competition and is a key component of high-impact graphics designed to grab the consumer's attention and hold it long enough to trigger a purchase decision.

It’s Just Good Business Sense

Hanover Packaging, with Larry and Rhonda Chatzkel, CEO and president respectively, at the helm, has been an evolving business since its founding in 1924. Corporate entities may have changed, but the company that Larry's grandfather started 85 years ago making rigid set-up boxes for Philadelphia's manufacturing base continues to be known as an innovative and customer-focused organization.

Lifelong Relationships

One company that successfully made the move into packaging is St. Paul, Minn.-based Impressions Incorporated ( It made the move more than ten years ago at a time when its base business was on a steady increase.


Packaging printer news, including items on CPP EXPO, Smyth Companies and Menasha Packaging.


Latest news on suppliers to the packaging printing industry, including RotoMetrics, MULTI-PLASTICS, Sun Process Converting, Xeikon and others.


Sustainability news in the package printing industry, including GEW's Green Award and briefs on NewPage, Mitsubishi and Sonoco.


A look at state-of-the-art and future technologies for packaging printing, including Catalent Pharma Solutions digital watermark, printed speakers from ITRI and Nilpeter hologram technology.