packagePRINTING August 2013 Edition


2013 Excellence Awards: Simply a Great Piece

The 27th edition of packagePRINTING's Excellence Awards competition lived up to its name. A wide array of entries representing the breadth of the package-printing industry—labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons, and corrugated—again reflected what is happening throughout the industry as a whole.

Commercial Printers Adding Packaging

Migrating from the commercial world to packaging is hardly a laughing matter; the investment in equipment, education, and training required to make the leap ain't no joke. And, if commercial printers believe their market is oversaturated with competitors, they will soon find that many packaging segments are tough nuts to crack, overflowing with suppliers.

Featured Products - August 2013

Featured Products for the flexographic, narrow-web and package printing industries, including Agfa Graphics, Esko and Sun Chemical.

It's No Picnic –Polischuk

One of the more common themes for commercial printers has been to consider moving into package-printing markets. It is not at all surprising that commercial printers would look in this direction. The volume of printed materials in the commercial sector has been decreasing steadily and significantly in many segments.

PACK EXPO Promises a Packed Floor

PACK EXPO Las Vegas just keeps getting bigger… and breaking records. Just two months before t


Of significant interest to package printers is the strategic co-location of CPP EXPO at PRINT 13, which reflects the ever-growing importance of the package-printing segment in the graphic communications industry. Show attendees planning to attend either PRINT 13 or CPP EXPO will gain single-pass entry to both events.

Printer News - August 2013

News on printers in the packaging printing industry, including Fort Dearborn Company, Multi-Color Corporation and Spear.

Using Wide Format for Package Printing

Today, nearly everything in consumer packaging is about custom, boutique-type products. To succeed in this market, wide-format printers must have a flexible, problem-solving approach. Vendors must continue to listen and help the package-printing market resolve challenges like the increase in costly short runs, the need for more target marketing, higher costs of operation, press reliability, and color accuracy.