Finishing - Foiling

pp.0506 Stamping-Embossing
May 1, 2006

American Die Technology Rotary hot stamping dies are precision-engraved using high-quality, solid brass for optimal performance and durability. Write 635, Visit American Int’l Machinery Rotary- and platen-style foil stamping/embossing systems. Foil systems are either retrofits or complete rotary stamping systems. Write 636, J BOBST GROUP USA Hot-foil stamping, embossing, and hologram application on flat bed, Foilmaster or rotary Steuer presses for all commonly used materials. Write 637, www.bobst, See Ad p. 39 Brandtjen & Kluge Kluge EHD and EHF series presses combine heat, strength, and precision, giving you striking graphic finishing capabilities.

Foiled by Foil
September 1, 2005

Foil is a popular addition to packaging, but it has a few converting/printing quirks. To help solve common foil woes, pP recently went to foil suppliers seeking solutions. FOIL STAMPING HAS become a necessary capability for printers and converters to have. The substrate graces packaging in every market, and more and more consumer product companies are redesigning their packaging to include foil. Nowadays, if printers and converters don't have foil stamping equipment, they are positioning themselves to lose new and old customers. "With more and more customers using foils for their labels it is more important than ever that a printer is able to

Frugal Foil Usage
August 1, 2005

Reducing foil waste can be simple. Experts tell you how. FOIL STAMPING AND embossing is, innately, a very wasteful process. Material waste is part of the package-enhancing technique. While foil scraps will probably never be eliminated from the process, designers, equipment suppliers, and end users are finding ways to reduce waste and save converters, printers, and their customers money. How? Stamping and embossing equipment suppliers recently chimed in to answer that question. Plan carefully Foil often graces packaging in the form of ornate designs or borders—accents to the overall design layout. This usage of foil automatically lends itself to foil waste, since only a

Foil Decoration
August 1, 2004

For sprucing up a product's image, foil decorating has lots to offer. HERE'S ONE WAY to make a product stand out on a store shelf: don't make it bright and shiny. It will stand out—just like the Model T once did when Henry Ford said that cars come in one color, black. Today's products that are vying for the consumers' purchasing dollars must be bright and shiny. It's a fact of life on the store shelf. Although there is no question that high-end products must provide this high-quality look, it is also necessary for just about any product category, at any pricing

May 1, 2004

Acucote Pressure-sensitive labelstocks with environmentally safe, water-based, permanent, removable, and specialty adhesive formulations. Write 977, Visit API Foils Hot stamping foils and supplies: metallic, pigment, pearl, specialty, and holographic foils. Write 978, Visit Avery Dennison, Fasson Roll N.A. Innovative Fasson-brand pressure-sensitive and non-adhesive paper, film, and specialty roll products used by label converters and consumer products packaging designers and manufacturers. Productivity, profitability, and growth achieved with innovative Fasson Advantage™ offering best-in-class service solutions such as next-day delivery, Fasson EXACT™ and RollXchange, an online marketplace for trading surplus roll products. Write 979, Visit Arjobex Polyart™