Brand Management - Design

Eye Catching
November 1, 2006

Every day, people walk the aisles of stores. No matter what they are looking for, somewhere during their shopping trips metallic glimmers are likely to catch their attention. Thousands of products sit on store shelves, but the ones that are likely to stand out the most in the competitive world of packaging are those adorned with foil. To achieve such an alluring look, package printers must make effective use of the hot foil stamping process. What glimmers is gold Brand owners know that adding hot foil stamping to packaging will elicit a second glance from consumers. “The primary reason to use expensive, shiny materials

Specialty inks can make a product look (and be) special
June 9, 2006

Specialty inks come in many forms and can provide added value in many different ways for consumer products companies. A partial list of inks falling into this category includes phosphorescent, fluorescent, thermochromic, optical variable, magnetic, and metallic. Theses inks can be used to simply improve graphic appeal or add an additional sensory experience, provide brand security, or protect the product and/or end users. Bob Lorenz, vice president of business development for Sun Chemical Corporation, is seeing more and more interest from product/packaging designers for what specialty inks can add to the product. He especially sees opportunities for enhanced brand protection in the tobacco, cosmetics, and

The Key to Lenticular - Keep it Simple
January 1, 2006

EVEN THE MOST seasoned marketing guru has most likely been stopped in his or her tracks by the sight of some of the incredible lenticular print jobs out there on the shelves. "Oohs!" and "Aahs!" can be heard in an aisle that holds a product packaged in this eye-catching manner. But there's a lot a printer needs to know about lenticular products to achieve the right look within the right budget—and keeping the design simple is the best place to start. Keep it simple Let's start from the very beginning. Lenticular images are digital files that are printed onto a plastic material made up

Paperboard - The Total Cost Concept
August 1, 2005

Paperboard has been an effective packaging option for many years and continues to provide eye-catching, functional appeal on the store shelf. IT CAN BE folded into many forms. It can stand-up, be flat, or it can be folded into a six-point star figure. It can enhance your customers' marketing plans, as it has potential to make merchandise just fly off the shelves with new and innovative customizations. No, it's not some magical potion from the new Harry Potter book, it's paperboard. Paperboard options Only a converter, in concert with its customers, can make such a cost/benefit decision on new substrates. However, paperboard can offer

Packaging With a Golden Touch
October 1, 2004

Today's packaging needs to sell itself, and metallic inks and metallized paper and films are making that job a little bit easier. IT'S BEEN SAID, "All that glitters is not gold." However, a glittering package can defy that age-old adage. With the help of metallic inks and metallized substrates, a package can pop off the shelf, attracting consumers and leading to sales. In the end, that's money in the brand owner's pocket and repeat business for a package printer. But how important is it really, to add glitz and glamour to a package of razors or a bottle of iced tea? Very, according to

Catch the Wave
July 1, 2004

A wave of innovate pouch packaging is sweeping over North America, but will the U.S. flexible packaging industry catch it? VISIT YOUR LOCAL supermarket and you can see a major packaging shift taking place—the use of flexible packaging is prevalent down every store aisle. Cartons and canisters are being replaced or partnered with stand-up pouch packaging that use reclosable zipper features. Retort pouches are being introduced to create a value-added line extension to mature products traditionally marketed in other packaging formats. Things are changing and flexible packaging appears to have the "right stuff" at the "right time." Form and function Just a few short

Store Shelves are Sparkling
June 1, 2004

Color, glitz, and sparkle will be all around you in your stroll down the store aisle. By Tom Polischuk Editor-in-chief LOOK AROUND THE store shelves next time you drop by your local supermarket. Chances are, what catches your eye will be any number of products whose packaging literally sparkles on the shelves, or gives you a 3D view of the product's image, or changes its image as you look from different angles. Much of what you'll see comes from the use of holographic substrates. These materials can provide colorful, sparkling images with 3D and motion effects. Not quite as prevalent at this time,

Let It Shine
November 1, 2002

If a consumer product doesn't leap off the shelf with its graphic appeal, it might just be there awhile. by Tom Polischuk THE BATTLE FOR the consumers' buck is fought on many fronts, but usually a consumer product company's (CPC) last shot is taken at the store shelf. All those advertising dollars might not mean much if a competitor is able to get a potential buyer to pick up its product just because of its attention-getting graphics and packaging. CPCs are well aware of this and that's why you see such attractive packaging just about everywhere on the store shelves. At the forefront