Frank Steenburgh

Frank Steenburgh

Frank D. Steenburgh, partner at New Direction Partners, brings over 45 years of industry experience, including the past 30 years in digital and is internationally recognized as an expert in digital printing and publishing. His experience includes corporate officer at Xerox and president of Indigo’s Americas operations. Frank’s value includes a wealth of global industry contacts, a proven track record in development and implementation of business strategies that drive revenue/profit growth and a deep understanding of horizontal and vertical markets. Contact him at (610) 230-0635, ext. 709.

V is for Valuation

No sale can succeed for the seller without a clear-eyed understanding of what the business is really — meaning really — worth. Here’s a primer on this essential subject.

Geographic Expansion: Being Two Places at Once

Sooner or later, a printing business doing well where it was born will start to think about planting its flag someplace else. To expand geographically, a firm can either acquire a company in a distant region as a going concern or merge with it to form a consolidated, but dual-location, entity.

Everything's Negotiable — Are You?

Negotiation is the most critical step in our six-stage journey toward a deal — the phase in which the transaction either comes together as the negotiators want it to or falls apart because their efforts have worn them out.

An M&A Buyer's Guide for drupa 2016

With drupa 2016 just a few months away, naturally the industry is thinking about the new capital investment opportunities that a show of this scope and size presents.

How to Pick the Pick of the Crop in M&A Advisement

Not everyone who claims to be a capable M&A advisor proves to be one in practice. Unfortunately, misjudging an advisor’s credentials can prove to be a costly mistake. Our experience points to a number of criteria that a truly qualified advisor should be able to satisfy.

The Direction of Development

Preparing your company for sale can be a complex task, but everything you do will aim at the same objective: increasing value to make what you have as attractive as possible to potential buyers.