packagePRINTING January 2015 Edition


Best Practices: Press Operator Training

No matter what type of press your company uses, getting the best possible print quality still comes down to operator skill. On flexographic presses, these abilities are something of an art form, while on a digital press they are more a matter of adherence to numerous specific procedures. But there’s much more going on—a litany of best practices that can make the difference between average output and work that makes your company a superstar. Let’s take a look.

Data Points: Hybrid Digital Label Presses

Over the past year, several label press vendors have brought out “hybrid” presses featuring both flexographic and full-color inkjet capabilities on a single press. These machines are typically compared to, and compete with, installed digital label presses that use either toner or inkjet technologies.

Flexibly Speaking

Standup pouches get the glamour and a lot of shelf space, but stick packs, those long, skinny containers of everything from yogurt to nutraceutical potions to table-top packets of sweeteners are becoming hot properties in flexible packaging.

Industry News - January 2015

Industry news on the package printing industry including Harper Corp. of America, Goss International, Imagine! Print Solutions, KBA, Amcor, FLEXcon, Colordyne Technologies, Rotoflex, Romaco, Green Bay Packaging, X-Rite, CTI, and Maxcess.

Lean and Customer Focused

"People buying packaging want to deal with someone who understands packaging," says Harley Frank. This seems only logical, but it is one of the driving philosophies at Admiral Packaging in Providence, Rhode Island.

Product Showcase - January 2015

Featured Products for the flexographic, narrow-web and package printing industries including Heidelberg, Retroflex, Dymax, ACTEGA, Ritrama, Dow Corning, Sun Chemical, Toyo Ink Group, Uteco, acpo, Grieve, and MacDermid.

Shelf Space: Let's Go Exploring

Our stories this month take us from a refurbished mill building in Providence, Rhode Island where Admiral Packaging has done a masterful job of adopting and implementing lean manufacturing practices, to some key trends in flexible packaging, and on to some of the options available for coating and laminating.