packagePRINTING January 2010


Coast to Coast

Recent equipment, software and service purchases by packaging producers from across the United States, including Cyber Graphics, MPI Label Systems, Prestige-Pak and others.

Design Innovation

Innovative packaging implementations making a positive impact on store shelves, featuring McDowell Label, R. Twerk & Co., Shorewood Packaging and others.

Digital Domain

Digital printing and workflow developments for package printing, including items on Pira global market study, Dscoop and SpencerLab.

Graphic Design 2010

Several recent trends identified by Anthem Worldwide, including simplicity, sustainability, globalization, rebirth and showcasing, will continue to impact the design environment well into this decade, says Michael Coleman, managing director.

Printer News

Packaging printer business and personnel news, including Berry Plastics, Astor-Med, RockTenn, Outlook Group, Colbert Packaging and more.

Printing for the Pharmaceutical Market

World pharmaceutical packaging demand is projected to increase 6.3 percent annually to $62.3 billion in 2013. Security, print integrity and shorter runs are among the challenges.

Proving Yourself in a Sustainable World

When it comes to operating sustainably, several phrases come to mind: practice what you preach; don't ask anyone to do what you wouldn't do yourself; put your money where your mouth is; and more.

Supplier News

News on suppliers to the packaging printing industry, including ROTOCONTROL, MLP USA, Fujifilm, Smufit-Stone, EskoArtwork and more.

Sustainability Watch

Sustainability news in the package printing industry, including items on the Coke PlantBottle, Sun Chemical and Curtis Packaging.

Technology's Edge

State-of-the-art and future technologies for packaging printing, including printed numeric displays, lenticular flexographic printing, and a Pira study.

Thinking Big!

Burlington, N.C.-based Labels Tags & Inserts Inc. (LTI) produces a wide range of products that one would expect to find coming out of shops several times its size.

Time For Renewal —Polischuck

January is a nice time of the year in many ways. Sure it's cold and dark for much of the time up here in the Northern Hemisphere, but the start of a new year is a time for reflection and renewed hope. And, this year not only ushers in a new year, but a new decade.