November 2007 Issue


Color Management in a “Jiffy”

Brand recognition and integrity depend on packaging. The need for faster makeready, on-time delivery, and reductions in cost and waste places a premium on predictable results and comparable quality independent of location, substrate, or printing process. The primary goal of color management, therefore, is to reproduce predictable, repeatable, consistent color across a range of devices and media from the time a file enters the workflow until it is reproduced on press. Because proof, plate, and print must deliver identical results, color management touches every part of the print or packaging workflow. As such, it relies on a range of tools including calibration devices, prepress

Holiday Magic

Every year as we turn the page on autumn and bundle up for the winter months, it seems as though ordinary things become a bit more magical. The holidays bring the twinkle of lights, the shimmer of freshly fallen snow, and the glimmer reflected by ornaments. Last December, Miller Brewing Company wanted in on some of that magic. The company’s Miller Lite brand took on a dramatic wintry look for the holidays, showing off the sparkle of its limited-edition metallized packaging. Graphic Packaging International created the paperboard basket carrier with eye-catching 3D holography. “Miller wanted an exciting look that first captures the eye, then

It’s a Marathon —Tom Polischuk

What an experience! I had the pleasure—mixed with an immense measure of pride—of watching two of my daughters compete in the ING New York City Marathon earlier this month, along with about 39,083 other runners. The runners come in all shapes and sizes from the professional men and women who run at a stunning pace, to matronly grandmothers in the wheelchair division. I even saw Zorro and SpongeBob. (I saw him twice at the same location, so I think he must have lapped everyone.) Business is often compared to sports because of the direct analogies that can be made—the competition, team work, preparation, strategies, tactics,

Keep It Clean

Clean, clean, clean! It is one of the keys to successful package printing. The substrate must be substantially free of contaminants to stand any chance of providing consistent high-quality printing. Various systems are used to help keep printing surfaces clean, including static control systems and web cleaning systems. Although George Zuments, president of Web Systems, Inc., points out that static control and web cleaning are separate systems, they typically work in conjunction with each other. Static control systems are used to enhance the cleaning process by reducing or eliminating static levels. Static poses two problems relative to web cleaning. First, static can

Patience, My Dear

RFID has been the “talk of the town” ever since Wal-Mart laid out its expectations to its largest suppliers in 2003—lots of press, lots of hype. Now, it seems as though more participants are asking that famous question posed in Wendy’s® commercials many years ago, “Where’s the beef?” It is true that the glowing light of RFID has dimmed during the last couple of years—reality has not lived up to the expectations that were created. That doesn’t mean, however, that RFID is no longer something package printers need to consider. RFID is being implemented in a wide range of applications and some of

Prime Time for Packaging

During the last few months, packagePRINTING has explored various finishing effects converters can employ to give their customers’ packages the necessary zing to draw and hold the attention of consumers as they walk down the aisles. The holidays are approaching fast, and not only are consumers shopping for good old Aunt Joan, but if the packaging does a good enough job, they may pick out something for themselves. And it’s not only textiles, electronics, or toys—many people enjoy foil-wrapped candies around the holidays. How will consumers find them if they don’t jump out at them from the jam-packed shelves? Stamping/embossing avenue Like anything else,

Service Up Front

One thing is for sure about gravure—the basic technology remains the same, and the quality has also been second to none. What has been different for gravure in recent years is competitive pressure in terms of improved quality from various sources and printing processes. First, flexographic printing has made, and continues to make, inroads in markets that traditionally have been served by gravure. Second, foreign competition—whether it be outsourcing print jobs overseas, or presses that are cheaper to build and buy, but lack comparative print quality—continues to impact gravure printers as they work to compete in a global environment. The Achilles heel for gravure

Strong incentives for publishing industry 2.0

By Bernd Zipper Faster, very modern, and more efficient: attend drupa and discover the latest technologies and trends in the world of print media. Visitors can experience new innovations first hand at drupa, from May 29 to June 11, 2008 in Düsseldorf. The hottest venue at this year’s event is the drupa innovation parc (“dip” presented by HP), Halls 7.0 and 7.1, located at the north entrance to the Messe Düsseldorf. This state-of-the-art exhibition space will be a showcase for around 160 exhibitors. The defining tools of tomorrow will be presented and only the most innovative solutions in the print and media industry will

Strong Incentives for Publishing Industry 2.0

by Bernd Zipper Visitors to next year’s drupa—to be held May 29 to June 11, 2008 in Düsseldorf—will have the opportunity to experience new innovations first hand. The hottest venue this year will be the drupa innovation parc (dip, presented by HP), Halls 7.0 and 7.1, located at the north entrance to the Messe Düsseldorf. The exhibition space will showcase about 160 exhibitors. dip is best described as a “microcosm of innovations” and features eight different themed sections. It is well-suited for startup companies and smaller-sized firms as an ideal venue to highlight their latest developments. Established companies will also have a strong presence, but there