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Goss Partners with Alwan to Expand and Improve Color
August 26, 2015 at 11:47 am

Goss International has recently added Color Expertise Technology from Alwan to the Goss Sunday Vpak series. The technology will be on display at Labelexpo Europe after being tested for months at the Goss Packaging Technology Center in Durham, New Hampshire.

Big, Bigger, Biggest
August 1, 2007

Is bigger, better? Not always, but bigger is getting better, especially when it comes to wide-web printing presses. Wide-web presses are a mainstay in the flexible packaging arena where many times, package size can dictate press size, especially when you throw in productivity and costs. But shorter and shorter production runs, combined with the ability of state-of-the-art narrow-web presses to run flexible materials, are providing other avenues for flexible packaging to be printed. In this environment, wide-web press manufacturers are responding by making their big machines “light on their feet,” with an ability to respond to the needs of the marketplace. packagePRINTING

Presses-Offset (Web)
May 1, 2006

Brandtjen & Kluge Visit Model Speed (fpm) Web Width (in.) Offset 500 15.75 Write 546 on Reader Service Form J DRENT GOEBEL Visit Model Web Width Max Print Width Speed (fpm) VSOP 520 20.561 20.61 1,200 VSOP 850 33.561 33.61 1,200 VSOP 1120 44.61 43.761 1,200 VSOP 1250 49.261 48.861 1,200 Vision 20.561 20.61 1,000 Novaprint 680 27.61 26.561 1,500 Novarprint 760 30.61 29.561 1,500 380V 38.561 38.61 1,800 SR200 20.561 20.61 1,200 SR260 26.561 26.61 1,000 Write 547 on Reader Service Form, See Ad p. 9 J GALLUS