September 2000 Issue


Electronic Packaging Prep

A growing number of online packaging-oriented forums and resources can help printers' "prepress" routines along. By Terri McConnell One morning several years ago, I logged on to my computer to check my e-mail and found nearly a dozen messages from an address I didn't recognize. I opened the first one a little hesitantly, having just recovered from a particularly nasty e-mail-borne virus. Two lines into the message, I knew I had been infected again—this time with a bug known as a "listserv," and it has changed my quiet, coffee-assisted, o'dark thirty routine forever. For those of you lucky enough to still have immunity against

O-P-C Spells Industrial Success

Industrial Label teamed with Bemis' Pet Products Div. to produce the first resealable label closure for pet food bags. By Jessica Millward IT WAS THE beginning of a beautiful friendship. For the pinch-bottom bag market, Bogey and Bergman have nothing on the collaboration between Bemis' Pet Products Division and Industrial Label Corp., both located in Omaha, NE. The two companies jointly developed the O-P-C™ (Open-Pour-Close) easy-open and reclosable label feature for bulk bags of dry pet foods—the first of its kind. After two years of intensive research and development, the O-P-C is now available for commercial use. Consumers will first see the O-P-C

Rules of the Game

Automated rule processing bends the traditional rules associated with diemaking. By Chris Bauer For Many facets of the printing industry, automation is the name of the game. And when it comes to rule processing equipment, automation seems to be par for the course for many suppliers' offerings. But with all the automation and bells and whistles available on today's rule processing units, it is the simple rules of diemaking that remain the most important. "If nothing else, it should be accurate," contends Ellen Adams, co-owner of Adams Technologies. "The lengths are the most critical of all. If you have a piece of rule and

Sheetfed Solutions

Consumer behavior continues to shape package printers' need for sheetfed offset presses. By Chris Bauer WHEN IT COMES to corrugated package printing, sheetfed offset suppliers suggest printers remember the old saying, "The customer is always right." Customers want shorter runs of high quality work and cost-effective results. This is why suppliers say sheetfed offset is the perfect solution. "For the folding carton and the packaging industry, sheetfed offset is really the production unit of choice," offers Achim Schmidt, packaging manager for Heidelberg. Schmidt believes sheetfed offset presses are the answer for shorter runs, more flexible and versatile press operation, and higher quality work which

Stamp of Approval

Hot stamping and embossing provides the packaging market with winning visuals for a wide variety of products. by Chris Bauer SUPPLIERS OF STAMPING and embossing equipment report a steep rise in the demand for their products. As converters are called on to create eye-catching packaging for a variety of products, they often look to stamping and embossing to give a package the visual edge over its competition. Suppliers explain the results are easy to see. "The evidence is in the grocery store," says Doug Herr, national sales manager for the Bobst Group. "Walking down the aisles today versus five years ago, you see