packagePRINTING March 2009


Converters Brave Rough Economic Waters

The world of 2009 is quite different from what it was 20 or 30 years ago, or even five to 10 years ago. We now live in a world of instant and continuous communication. Whether from the Internet, television, a Blackberry, or iPod, we get news in seconds and there are whole industries dedicated to providing news 24/7.

Financing M&A

Merger-and-acquisition (M&A) activity in any industry segment usually reflects the overall health of its economic conditions. In good times, companies have cash and confidence to pursue expansion activities and new growth markets—many times, via the M&A route. In not-so-good times, the activity slows, as companies look inward toward strengthening their existing businesses through cost reductions and efficiency improvements.

Flexo Platemaking Is Only Complex If You Let It Become So

Flexo platemaking, in its most basic concept, is very simple. So, why do people find it so complex? This article will explain the key points, and clarify common confusions.

FPA Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards Showcases Innovation

The 2009 FPA Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards competition received 79 flexible packages, representing a total of 113 entries (several packages were entered in multiple categories). Of the entries, 24 packages were honored with Achievement Awards.

Free Choice? —Polischuk

The Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)—if you haven’t heard about this you will, or you already have, but weren’t listening. If you own a printing company or have a management role in one, this is something to which you should pay close attention.

packagePRINTING Excellence Awards

The packagePRINTING Excellence Awards are back for its 23rd annual print competition! Whether you produce wine labels, labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons, or corrugated materials, start rounding up the best-of-the-best from your portfolio!

Packaging Converter Sponsors Pharmaceutical Conference

This city may be many things to many people, especially sports fans, but what many forget is that Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs have been a center for pharmaceuticals for a long time. Two pharmaceutical powerhouses—Merck and Glaxo Smith-Kline—have headquarters in suburban Philadelphia, as well as McNeil Consumer Healthcare.

Preventive + Maintenance = Quality

Slitters and splicers play key roles during the printing or finishing of printed packaging, and it is imperative to keep them in good working order. To do so, many printers turn to preventive maintenance (PM) programs—structured maintenance schedules for specific parts of a piece of equipment.

Watching For Threats

As the new millennium unfolds, it’s becoming more apparent that one of a consumer goods manufacturer’s most important assets is its brand. Consumers are willing to pay a premium price for their favorite brands, which translates into both profit and marketplace power.

What Will It Take to Survive?

Events during the last six months have made research for this article a real challenge. It’s almost like writing an article on the state of the commercial airline industry for the November 2001 issue of “Your Aviation Monthly Magazine.”