Training and Education

Package Printing, Second Edition
February 25, 2009

Everything you ever wanted to know about packaging. . .in one neat package! "Package Printing, Second Edition" is the definitive guide to this ubiquitous graphic communication medium. This book, written for the packaging buyer, printer, designer or industry supplier, can be used as a reference, textbook or training tool.

MetalFX Inaugurates Web Training for Graphic Designers
March 17, 2008

LEEDS, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom—MetalFX® Technology, a Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corporation subsidiary, has inaugurated a Web training program for graphic designers. The training, conducted by MetalFX technicians in both North America and Europe, is available at no charge to graphic designers who wish to learn how to use its metallic design software. Discussing the new training program, MetalFX Vice President Americas Mark Geeves said: “Graphic designers benefit greatly from this specialized Web training program, which includes development of actual files suitable for printing using the MetalFX process. These hands-on sessions enable designers and printer prepress personnel to take full advantage of this powerful new

Focus on Fundamentals in the CPP Expo Educational Program
July 21, 2006

PARAMUS, N.J.-H. A. Bruno, LLC, organizers of CPP EXPO Chicago, have finalized the educational program which will complement the activity on the CPP EXPO show floor, and all activities throughout McCormick Place. Taking place Oct. 29-Nov. 2, 2006, CPP EXPO has partnered with leading technical providers in crafting a program that focuses on the fundamentals in converting operations and also provides innovation on the flexible packaging front. The program takes place over the course of 4 days; a sampling of the sessions follows: AIMCAL presents: Coating & Laminating – 3- part presentation: “Top 11 Steps to Prevent Defects”; Moderated by Edward D. Cohen - Edward D.

Investment Tips
July 1, 2006

When Robin Williams’ character, Mork, in the 1978 TV hit “Mork & Mindy” signed off each episode with “Na no, na no” (Orkan for good-bye), maybe he was trying to be a predictor of something more significant. Maybe, even, it was déjà vu all over again, a take off from when Benjamin Braddock, Dustin Hoffman’s character in the 1967 movie classic “The Graduate,” told us more directly to invest in plastics. Although it might be too late to get into plastics, with “Na no, na no,” more specifically, nanotechnology, the time could be right to get in the game. In the June 2006 issue

Discerning the alphabet soup of RFID standards
June 9, 2006

Do you know understand the acronym jungle of RFID standards groups—IATA, CEN, ETSI, ANSI, AIAG, ISO? Does HF and UHF mean anything to you? How about ISO18000, EPC Class 1, Generation 2, ISO10374.2, ISO17365, or ISO17364? If not, you have to read packagePRINTING’s July TechnologyUpdate, called “A Dog’s Tale on RFID Standards.” Written by TAGSYS’ Director of Global Marketing & Public Relations Ken Reich and the company’s Chief Technology Officer Alastair McArthur, the article explains the ins and outs of RFID standards—where they are today, where it appears they are headed, and what new developments are in the pipeline. RFID standards are confusing and