Building Brands for Packaging

Tom Marin is the Founder and President of MarketCues, Inc., a national consulting firm. He has worked for some of the world’s largest corporations and middle-market firms. Toms focus is to help CEOs drive their strategy shifts and strategic growth programs. Follow MarketCues on Twitter. Tom also welcomes emails new LinkedIn connections or calls to (919) 908-6145. 

At a time when there’s so much to read, listen to, click through and watch, we need to try to find a way to break out of all of the clutter. Great design does that and work by a certain firm at is living up to those standards.

This month, United Airlines and Continental Airlines presented new corporate branding for the merged airlines and then changed its mind to UNITED in caps with the Continental globe. The new design has taken my breath away.

As anyone engaged in the packaging design business knows, color consistency is a key bjective across the brand platform. In fact, the best impression-making brands use the highest quality color techniques to ensure bright, impacting and unique visuals.

The Brandery is a nonprofit organization designed to develop and launch new entrepreneurial companies and brands. It will offer many services, including funding to encourage new brands and opportunities.

If you spend your days in packaging you know how much wasted time there is trying to make the perfect client presentable packaging prototype. For years, designers have struggled to come up with an efficient way to turn out both glorious designs and perfect prototypes that would effectively sell their clients.

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