Tom Marin

Tom Marin

Tom Marin is the Founder and President of MarketCues, Inc., a national consulting firm. He has worked for some of the world’s largest corporations and middle-market firms. Toms focus is to help CEOs drive their strategy shifts and strategic growth programs. Follow MarketCues on Twitter. Tom also welcomes emails new LinkedIn connections or calls to (919) 908-6145. 

Printers, Companies and the Lesson of a Bottler’s Appealing Label

This year, the average consumer will see or hear 1 million marketing messages—that’s almost 3,000 per day. The biggest problem with much of today’s market advertising is that it fights for people’s attention using the tactic of interruption.

Why Brand Identity is so Important

This month, United Airlines and Continental Airlines presented new corporate branding for the merged airlines and then changed its mind to UNITED in caps with the Continental globe. The new design has taken my breath away.

Packaging Prototyping with Unusual Color Consistency

As anyone engaged in the packaging design business knows, color consistency is a key bjective across the brand platform. In fact, the best impression-making brands use the highest quality color techniques to ensure bright, impacting and unique visuals.

How to Refresh an Old Brand with New Packaging

When Nestlé Dreyers evaluated one of its venerable brands, Häagen-Dazs, it decided that it needed to make it more relevant for today’s younger consumer without damaging its high-quality, premium brand image.

The Difference a Branding Campaign Makes

Because consumers have seen such a consistent look and feel in the context of the Absolut identity, the brand instantly communicates high-quality and high-touch feelings that are nearly impossible to calculate in terms of value.