As the label industry continues to evolve, it has become even more crucial for label printing and converting professionals to stay ahead of the game and be well-informed. Now, there's a research subscription service from NAPCO Research that provides hard data, analysis, and forecasting for labels.

To better understand this service, Packaging Impressions’ editor-in-chief Linda Casey spoke to NAPCO Research analyst Cory Francer about the new resource and the insights from its first study, which includes data points on the total number of label jobs or versions typically experienced, the overall output volumes flowing through label printing operations, and how the volume and number of jobs are impacting their businesses, including workflows.

In the video, Francer shares some key highlights from the study including actual numbers behind how many label printers are experiencing a jump in label version and explains how the service can be used by label converters and printers to help make future decisions.

If you want to learn more about the research subscription service after viewing the video, please feel free to contact Francer at or Nathan Safran, VP of NAPCO Research at

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