Package of the Week

Part of the reason flexible packaging is becoming increasingly prevalent across the CPG landscape is its ability to creatively solve pain points for consumers. For pet owners, having a picky eater can be exceptionally frustrating, as they seek out ways to coax their dogs to finish everything in their bowls. Enter Stella & Chewy's, a health-focused pet food and treat brand, which has introduced Marie's Magical Dinner Dust, a freeze-dried powdered dog food topping, designed to be sprinkled on top of a dog's meal. For Dinner Dust's packaging, Stella & Chewy's turned to the stand-up pouch, but instead of the typical resealable zipper at the top, it implemented an innovative spout in the corner of the package, ensuring a precise amount of the product can be used, while still maintaining its freshness. Click here for more on how creative closures are impacting flexible packaging, and as always, if you've seen a POW-worthy package, contact Cory Francer at

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