Package of the Week

The craft beer market is one that thrives on creativity, an independent spirit, and a sense of local pride. In today's episode of POW!, we're highlighting how Northern Monk, a brewery in Leeds, England, has emphasized all of these attributes with digitally printed beer labels for its Patrons Project series of beers. A key component of the Northern Monk brand is the pride it takes in its roots in Northern England, and with its Patrons Project, it collaborates with creative people, including artists, photographers, and athletes, from the area. Each Patrons Project series features limited edition labels inspired by that particular "Patron," which can be peeled away from the can, revealing more information about the collaboration. The labels, printed by CS Labels on a Xeikon digital press, can then be collected in a branded notebook, where consumers can keep track of the beers they have sampled.

If you're interested in producing creative digital labels like these, be sure to check out the fifth annual Digital Packaging Summit, coming up in November!

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