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Logitech is known for its high-tech accessories made for human beings, such as its ergonomic keyboards, trackballs and mice. For this week’s POW! Package of the Week!, Packaging Impressions takes a look at  how Logitech used packaging and product to elevate ease-of-use for end users and to further the brand’s sustainability initiatives.

This piece of gorgeous technology is designed to reduce the repetitive movements (and the damage that comes with those movements) associated with computer work, and it’s part of Logitech’s PCR program. The program embodies Logitech’s commitment to incorporate oct-consumer recycled plastic, hence the PCR, into its products at a scale that reduces the company’s carbon impact and increases the circularity of consumers products as a category.

“We are on a journey to design products for the future. The top area where we can make a significant and long-term impact to reduce carbon is by applying our design for sustainability principles across the product development process,” said Prakash Arunkundrum, global head of operations and sustainability at Logitech in a written statement. “Since plastic is one of the most used materials at Logitech, we’re investing in the circular economy by recycling and reusing consumer products to push the limits of what is currently possible for recycled plastic.”

The Ergo M575 kick started that program, where each product’s PCR content was validated by independent, third parties to fall between a range of 80% PCR content for some of Logitech’s darker colored products to no less than 20% for the technically complex lighter color products.

A product engineered with such a focus on eco impacts needed packaging that was also eco-efficient. Logitech’s answer was a printed paperboard carton made with FSC fiber. That carton houses a printed paperboard insert to protect the trackball during transit versus the plain plastic tray typically used to protect products in this category in transit.

View the video to learn more about the printed packaging and how it leverages printing to more effectively communicate on shelf as well as upon unboxing.

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