packagePRINTING inBOX October 21, 2014

Times have changed since soda was the soft drink of choice among young people. So with sales down, PepsiCo has launched a new brand of cola that uses vintage style packaging to target millennials—who often have an affinity for  some older styles. Yet, while packaging appearance can help make a product stand out on the shelf, consumers are also continuing to value sustainable packaging. Computer company Dell has taken that concept to another level, packaging its products with natural materials that you'll have to see to believe. In other industry news, there's movement at the top at Nilpeter and Gallus. And to keep the manufacturing workforce strong and active, The Dow Chemical Company has launched a very exciting apprenticeship program in locations across the country.

packagePRINTING inBOX October 14, 2014

Wisconsin may be best known for its top-notch cheese, but it is also home to numerous package printers and converters. Today, we're taking a look at two companies from The Badger State, and how, though quite different, they have both been successful players in the industry. As usual, there are plenty of topics of interest in the food and beverage packaging market, including what 'best by' and 'use by' labels really mean. Bacardi is reducing the weight of its packaging while maintaining its recognizable bottle shapes, and a California baking company goes green with its bread packaging.

packagePRINTING inBOX October 7, 2014

Graph Expo and CPP Expo 2014 in Chicago made up an incredible display of the latest innovations in printing and converting and a provided a great opportunity to network with industry peers. Speaking of innovation, this week we have the lowdown on some new products, including a new inkjet series from KBA and a label converting line from AB Graphic International. We're also taking a glimpse at how a creative approach to packaging can pique consumer curiosity and lead to money savings. Some new packaging from 3M is taking a literal approach to "invisible tape" and a tweak to Hershey's Miniatures packaging could result in some serious savings for the company. Unwrap this week's inBOX today!

packagePRINTING inBOX September 30, 2014

Though Graph Expo may be in full swing, when it comes to packaging and printing, the news never sleeps. This week's inBOX takes a look at the state of beverage packaging and how it can play a role in the "post-soda" retail environment. We also look at some of the wildly creative innovations in drink packaging (be sure to check out the really cool Warhol-inspired vodka label!) The sensory impact of packaging is another interesting topic of conversation. Can adding elements of touch in packaging increase a consumer's desire to buy a product? We hope you're enjoying Graph Expo and absorbing everything the industry has to offer. Safe travels and we'll see you next week!