packagePRINTING June 2009


2009 Top Tag & Label Converters

Faced with trying economic times, companies in packagePRINTING’s 2009 Top Tag and Label Converters ranking are working hard to maintain and grow their businesses. Take a look at how your peers are faring in this year’s Top Tag & Label Converters chart.

A Design Process Success Story

The process involved with designing a package does not have to be a complex venture. Three players that positively or negatively impact this process are the brand manager, the design firm contracted to design the package, and the package printer. There is a lot on the line when designing a package—not the least of which is the ultimate success of the brand.

Closeup on Synthetics

Synthetic materials are well known for their their ability to stand up to tough conditions or to maintain their structure and print quality once off the press and on to packages. They are often incorporated on shampoo bottles and other health and beauty packaging, as well as pharmaceutical packaging.

Consistent Across the Board

Gravure is alive and well—that's how Charles Mace, vice president of sales and marketing, beverage packaging, at Zumbiel Packaging ( puts it. And, that comes from someone who admittedly has figured gravure to fade away.

Getting the Copy Right

While making a product visible and distinctive may be a brand owner's top priority, it is not the only priority. Businesses also must satisfy a variety of requirements regarding the ways in which packages and labels communicate how to use, transport, recycle, or dispose of the product. With pharmaceuticals, food, medical, and chemical products, some types of information are required by the Food and Drug Administration.

Leveraging Technology

Providing trade-shop finishing services to the printing industry can be a difficult proposition, even in the best of times. The services and capabilities offered to customers have to be provided in a way that beats competition and offers advantages to customers that can often perform the work in-house.

Stay Abreast of Consumer Trends

This seems to be a common problem: we've got less –money, and less time, but we want more value, higher quality, and we want it now. Good business is often reading consumer trends and forming a strategy that targets growth in key technologies and market segments to capitalize on these trends.

Tough Times

What goes up, must come down—so the saying goes. This could be used to describe the business climate during 2008 in any number of ways. In one way, both the going up and the coming down had significant negative effects.

User Groups —Polischuk

In today's economic environment, many businesses are watching their spending drop to draconian levels. For some, it's a necessary part of what needs to be done to survive what is likely the worst recession in 80 years.