packagePRINTING February 2014 Edition


A Clear and Pleasant Flexibility: The Supermarket and Flexible Films

You can learn a lot about flexible packaging trends by going to the grocery store. So let's ta

Industry News - February 2014

Industry News on the package printing industry, including Middleton Printing, GPA, DuPont, Labels Unlimited, OEC Graphics, Toray Plastics (America)

Malnove's Key to Success: Forward Thinking, Commitment to Customers, Continuous Improvement

For many years now, the folding carton industry has seen significant consolidation and a concentration of capacity at large integrated carton suppliers. According to CEO Paul Malnove, this consolidation has created further market opportunities for his company.

packagePRINTING Talks With Clarence W. Schawk, Chairman of SGK

The story of Clarence W. Schawk is a classic American success story and a uniquely Chicago one, spanning six decades and five continents. Clarence W. Schawk, now 87, is the chairman of SGK. Almost every day he drives ten minutes to the global headquarters of his company, a business he started in his aunt's basement 60 years ago.

Product Showcase: Plates and Platemaking - February 2014

Featured Products for the flexographic, narrow-web and package printing industries, including Agfa, Heidelberg, Esko, Kodak,

Shelf Space: Can You Tweak a Package?

Recent research by MeadWestVaco indicates that packaging can matter almost as much to consumers as the brand itself. A package is a representation of the product it contains. It is what people see in print and broadcast advertising, in friends' homes, and it's what they look for when shopping in stores, at the mall and online.

Winning with Sustainable Packaging

That path is becoming easier as brand-owners and retailers are increasingly choosing sustainable solutions for the containers of many products. One approach is through packaging materials that can be grown or produced, then used to protect and help sell a product.