January 1999 Issue


Feast for the Eye

Digital proofers can produce packaging's custom colors in minutes, but can converters afford the technology they need? By Susan Friedman Digital proofing's transformation of proof production cycle time is bound to help package printers over any separation anxiety for film. To hear Neil Potter, business manager for the packaging market at Imation tell it, digital proofing's productivity benefits can't get much clearer. Printers can trade analog proofing's half-day to two-day cycle times, or on-press proofing's two-day to one-week cycle times, in favor of a digital proof produced in minutes, he says. Presstek Product Manager Sandy Fuhs adds that digital proofing can remove the majority

Roll Up Your Sleeves

Quality and damage control for higher line screens demands renewed attention to anilox roll cleaning practices and methods. By Susan Friedman Oven cleaner just won't cut it. When it comes to anilox roll cleaning, package printers are having to muster some heavier duty enthusiasm...and exercise care. "Before higher line screens, cleaning didn't have to be as thorough because anilox rolls didn't provide the quality they provide now," says Torben Rasmussen, president, Flexo Wash. Anilox roll prices have doubled right along with line screens, and now the concern is preventing these rolls, which have thinner cell walls, from being damaged, he adds. Converters continue to