August 2002 Issue


16th Annual pP Excellence Awards

Inland Paperboard and Packaging's Domaine Chandon Blanc de Noirs stood its ground in pP's 16th Annual Excellence Awards competition, notching out a first place and Best of Show. THE PACKAGING FOR Domaine Chandon Blanc de Noirs goes to show that sometimes, bigger is better. Standing at about 75˝ tall, Inland Paperboard and Packaging (a Temple-Inland Co.) designed this display packaging to draw on the wine's deep colors and unique style. Like many of this year's entries, the Chandon package stood out as one of the industry's best. "Considering the size and complexity of this job, the printer held amazing register," commented Excellence Awards

Designed for Top Quality Printing

Top-Quality Printing Narrow-web flexo presses incorporate a variety of features that 'set the stage' for superior print quality. THIS YEAR'S JUDGING for packagePRINTING's Excellence Awards had the judges working overtime. The reason: the overall quality of the entries was just so good, virtually each entry had to be analyzed with a fine-tooth comb. Nowhere was this more evident than in the flexographic printing categories. It's obvious that the design improvements incorporated into today's flexo presses are being put to good use in the package printing industry. As usual, it is not just one upgrade that does the job, but a series of well-engineered

Old Habits Die Hard

Though available for years, options are just now being used to improve prepress workflow. Like most businesses in the current economy, convertors are constantly looking to increase their cost-effectiveness through new technology. One often-overlooked stage that printers have begun to explore in an effort to improve workflow, and therefore costs, is the prepress facet of the industry. Improvements in prepress workflow and/or data transmission have been available for quite a while now, but converters have been slow to take advantage of these opportunities. "The tools for improvement are there," says David Zwang, IPA operational TEAM consultant leader and founder of Zwang & Company,

Software 101

Business management software suites offer all the bells and whistles; the hard part is deciding where to begin. WHETHER YOUR PROBLEM is scheduling, book keeping, inventory, e-commerce, or all the above, business and production management software could be the answer. Not sure which suite is right for you? packagePRINTING went right to the source for a rundown of some of today's popular solutions. pP: What is your newest software package? What advantages does it provide users Esad Suskic, Pandora product marketing manager, ScenicSoft: Pandora is a native PDF-based prepress production tool for packaging and label layouts. It was created for packaging printers looking for