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CPP EXPO Comes to Cleveland!
March 1, 2012

Leo Nadolske, CPP EXPO president, speaks with packagePrinting, and shares his thoughts (and excitement) on what CPP EXPO 2012 has to offer for attendees, as well as exhibitors. The two-day show will take place at the I-X Center in Cleveland on April 18 and 19.

CPP EXPO 2012 Gearing Up
January 20, 2012

CPP EXPO - The Cleveland Show, taking place April 18-19, 2012 at the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio, is CPP EXPO’s inaugural regional event and will lead to the major machinery event to be held in Chicago/Rosemont April 23-25, 2013.

Package Printing Innovations Highlight CPP EXPO 2012
December 16, 2011

CPP EXPO Show Management announced that Bobst Group USA, Mark Andy, Goss International, and North American Cerutti will anchor the package-printing portion of CPP EXPO - The Cleveland Show, taking place April 18-19, 2012 at the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Flexotecnica Had a Good 2007, Looks Forward to drupa
December 19, 2007

NEW BERLIN, Wis.—Flexotecnica has enjoyed an outstanding year in North America in 2007, with numerous installations of its New Generation (N8G) models in the United States now completed. “Flexotecnica significantly increased its U.S. presence this year,” states Tom Jacques, area sales manager for North American Cerutti Corporation (NACC). “Not only did Flexotecnica increase its market share, but we also added some very customized presses to the mix, with the Chronos® and Ekaton® models made to very specific requirements.” Flexotecnica’s Smart Ride System® was also included in one U.S. installation, and its Speedy Clean® autowash system is now the standard of comparison in North America,

Flexotecnica Has Successful 2006
January 5, 2007

NEW BERLIN, Wis.—Flexotecnica enjoyed a very successful year in 2006, with strong sales of its NG (New Generation) models in the United States leading the way. “The solid new deck design of the NG presses provides high speed printing performance with great stability,” says Tom Jacques, area sales manager for North American Cerutti Corporation. “Also, Flexotecnica’s latest Speedy Clean automatic wash-up system enhancements make it even easier for operators to achieve quick job changes.” Other distinguishing features, such as Flexotecnica’s Smart Ride System and its patented Safe Sleeve Change option, are making more and more U.S. converters take notice. “2006 was a successful year

Packaging Consultants
July 1, 2006

Flexible packaging represents a dynamic market for growth. Substantial opportunities exist in many of its sub-categories, with pouches ranking right up there at the top of the mix. While many package printers are positioning themselves to get a piece of this action, there are any number of companies that are already well established in this arena. CLP, an Israel-based company that does business in 26 countries around the world, happens to be one of them. Rooted in plastic CLP was founded in 1971 in Kibbutz Negba, Israel in a regional effort to diversify the area’s economic base by getting into the plastics industry. The

Maintenance Relief
June 1, 2004

With no gears to wear down or adjust, gearless presses help reduce maintenance in the printing process. PRESS MAINTENANCE IS a four-letter word. It's essential for high-quality printing results, but the more time a printer spends on maintaining the condition of its equipment, the less time it spends printing—meaning lost profits. There may be an answer to the evils of maintenance, however, for those companies willing and able to front a hefty capital investment. Gearless presses, driven by servo-motor technology, hit the market about 10 years ago, boasting such advantages over conventional presses as infinite repeat sizes, easier registration, and improved quality control

The One-Two Punch
March 1, 2004

Facing off in the laminating ring are in-line vs. off-line laminators; and while each has their own punches to throw and to receive, it is the converter who decides the champion. by Joy English, Assistant Editor JUNE 19, 1936 MARKED the day that heavyweight champion Joe Louis and Max Schmeling squared off in what would be a boxing match to remember. Schmeling entered the ring as the underdog, but claimed the titled when he handed Louis his first ring defeat. It wasn't until two years later that Louis would reclaim his heavyweight title from Schmeling. Today, squaring off in the laminating ring are in-line

Defining an Industry
March 1, 2004

Terms define technology, but for package printers, wide-format presses are enabling them to define their industry. by Joy English, Assistant Editor THE PACKAGE-PRINTING industry is filled with numerous terms and definitions, spelling out the processes that form its daily functions. Although these definitions help with understanding and categorization, in the end, it's the equipment that must perform. Today's wide-format presses do this well, providing the converter with everything from ease of operation and increased speeds and widths to customization. Functionality Multifunctionality, especially in regards to press capabilities, is vital to a converter's ability to add value to its customers' printing jobs. And top press