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Supplier News - October 2013
October 1, 2013

News on suppliers to the packaging printing industry, including items from Mondi Americas, HP and Labelexpo, Eskom Xeikon, OEC Graphics, Goss and Schawk.

Don’t Let the Web Guide You
February 1, 2008

In an industry that has little time to waste, web guides are critical in determining how long job setups will take. And, with costs always on the minds of business owners, web guides can help keep waste to a minimum. Without these systems, a job can still be completed. But, the important questions is, “Do you want to finish it before the next guy, and at a lower cost?” Here’s how three converters learned to love web guiding systems. Look ma, no hands! Cardinal Health—a global company serving the health care industry with pre-packaged medical products—recently purchased a custom fill, form, and seal machine

Reap What You Sow
August 1, 2007

It is a common business model that what you invest in plays a big role in what you get back. So, what can package printers do to improve productivity? One option is to invest in the right cores, shafts, and chucks for your print runs. “The persistent trend that we see with our customers is their desire to increase machine throughput, reduce waste, and improve ergonomics. They find that properly specified machine components can help them achieve all three,” says Bret Hardy, marketing manager, Double E Company. “Double E takes advantage of this trend in many ways. For example, we offer lightweight carbon fiber

Waste Not, Wobble Not
February 1, 2007

Web handling is a broad category of products that can range from slitters/rewinders, web guides, register, tension controls, and web inspection. Web guiding and tension control are two factors that help converters control waste as well as the web’s “wobble” as it comes off the roll. In the case of tension control, sensor selection is a major factor. Using low-cost sensors that require constant recalibration is no longer acceptable to converters. Tension Control Issues Although some converters may be intimidated by the tension control concept, the waste reduction and improvement in product quality are more than worth the investment. “Tension control is perhaps

Picking a Winner
August 1, 2006

Do you take your shafts and chucks for granted? It’s probably easy to do, because although they are important components in any web handling or printing operation, they don't tend to elicit much excitement. For those companies that supply these components, however, shafts and chucks are exciting and require the high level of attention that is afforded any device that carries heavy weights at high speeds around operating personnel. Mark Fortin, president of Double E Company, points out that the first considerations when specifying shafts has to be structural safety. “That means that the shaft, as a beam, has to be capable of

Back to Basics
September 1, 2003

An update on cores, shafts, and chucks technology. CORES, SHAFTS, AND chucks can easily be compared to "all the little people" of the film industry. From light technicians to make-up artists to set designers, the work of the people behind the scenes makes a big impact on a movie's turnout. Likewise, despite the seemingly harmlessness of cores, shafts, and chucks, their performance is very important to the outcome of every print job. Core knowledge Cores provide the backbones for many substrates and tapes. While there may appear not to be much difference between company offerings, there are. Double E. Co. (West Bridgewater, Mass.) offers