Artwork Systems

JT Prepress Invests in Esko CDI and HD Flexo
March 17, 2015

Waiting until they found a digital flexo plate imaging system they believed could exceed the work they did with analog processes, JT Prepress Express selected an Esko CDI Spark 2530 imager with HD Flexo, along with an ArtPro prepress front end. 

FTA Forum Tackles Generational Workforce Training
March 10, 2015

Change is an intimidating word to some, yet ignites excitement in others. As the flexo world continues to advance, it’s more important than ever to provide your staff with the proper tools and training to achieve their goals, as well as those of the company.

Label Traxx Launches Digital Prepress Tool at DSCOOP
March 3, 2015

Label Traxx MIS will be introducing several key features for digital label printers at DSCOOP X in Washington, DC from March 5-7. One of the most exciting new developments is an enhancement to the integration between Label Traxx and the prepress software Automation Engine, by EskoArtwork.

Innovation Takes Center Stage at Xeikon Packaging Café
March 3, 2015

Xeikon, one of the world leaders in digital package and label printing, together with its Aura partners, is hosting the Xeikon Café for Packaging Innovations at its headquarters in Lier, Belgium from March 10 to 12. Over three days, visitors will see and hear first-hand updates on the latest trends and innovations in digital label production and have the opportunity to share insights and success stories with industry peers.

Prepress Automation
February 1, 2015

Conventional presses and computer software have not always been a comfortable mix for many converters. And it’s no surprise: While CTP technologies offered clear benefits in speed and efficiency, other digital workflow tools have not always worked as desired and the shift from skilled craftspeople to software and computers have made digital workflows a tough sell. But some of the software is now living up to expectations.

REVO Brings Digital Control to Flexo Presses
November 25, 2014

The REVO Digital Flexo Revolution collaboration of eight industry leaders has resulted in a new approach to flexo printing that may well delight flexo press owners. AVT, Adare, APEX, Dupont, ESKO, Flint, GIDUE and UPM Raflatac have teamed up to put the flexo printing process under digital control.

FUJIFILM Rolls out FLENEX Flexographic Plate Systems
November 11, 2014

The Graphic Systems Division of FUJIFILM North America will be including its successful Clarity Water Washable Flexographic Plate as part of a new line-up of FUJIFILM FLENEX flexographic plate systems. The water-washable system (digital and analog) previously known as Clarity Water-Wash Flexo Plates, will now be marketed as Fujifilm FLENEX Water-Washable Plates (FW).

Industry News - November 2014
November 1, 2014

Industry news on the package printing industry including Constantia Flexibles, Winston Packaging, Esko, the Flexographic Technical Association, AccuWeb, C&M Conveyor, IML Labels, Color-Logic, Mark Andy, Anderson & Vreeland, Harper Corporation of America, Xitron, and Ampac

Getting up to Color
October 1, 2014

Color is one of the most complex aspects of any type of printing, at times seemingly bordering on magic. Yet, it is really a science that operates under very specific rules. Unfortunately, when it comes to putting colors on a substrate and having them live up to the expectations of paying customers, a host of variables come into play, making understanding the science an important part of success.