Supplier News
January 1, 2010

News on suppliers to the packaging printing industry, including ROTOCONTROL, MLP USA, Fujifilm, Smufit-Stone, EskoArtwork and more.

Arjobex Announces Partnership with Masterpiece Graphix
October 10, 2008

Arjobex announced a partnership with Masterpiece Graphix of Fenton, MO in which Masterpiece Graphix will both coat and distribute Arjobex’s Polyart synthetic substrates for the HP Indigo press market. The entire range of standard Polyart products will be available to the Indigo market in both 2-side and 1-side clay-coated form, depending on specific customer applications. Contact David Manny or Bruce Gordon at for further details, plus updates on future product offerings through Masterpiece Graphix. Also, visit to see Polyart’s solutions that are especially suited for the Indigo digital market. As North America’s first HP Authorized Treatment Facility for Indigo presses, Masterpiece

Tough As Nails
June 1, 2008

Synthetic papers are tough, but that’s just one of two key attributes that make them distinctive. The other is their ability to support high-quality printing. All applications in which synthetics are used take advantage of these qualities in one form or another. Potential uses for synthetic papers include virtually any application that requires long-term durability, says Mike Mead, marketing manager for Wausau Coated Products. “Synthetic papers are chemical-resistant, ­water-resistant, tear-resistant, and generally more durable than paper.” In addition, synthetic ­papers provide an ease of printability, he says. Paul Mitcham, director of marketing and sales support for Yupo Corporation America, concurs with

Be Bold
February 1, 2007

In-mold labeling (IML) is a product decoration method that has grown in popularity over the past 10 to 20 years. Why? Because it can provide lots of apple-pie type of stuff—improved quality and shelf appeal, reduced waste, reduced cost, and better durability. Who can argue with that? The IML process gets its name from how the label is applied to the plastic packaging container. The label is placed “in the mold” as the container itself is being formed. Plastic containers are produced using several different forming methods, including thermoforming, injection molding, and blow molding. To a large degree, the forming method used is

The Best Choice?
February 1, 2005

Are synthetic label materials really the best choice for converters to use for their products? Some manufacturers seem to think so. YOU CAN'T JUDGE a book by its cover, and in some instances that old adage is true. Consumers are bombarded with products on the grocery store shelves everyday and typically, they have to make up their minds within just a few seconds. So to get them to even look under the cover, the label has to convey the quality of the packaged product—and synthetic labels can do just that, if used properly. Key factors when choosing synthetic There are many pros and

May 1, 2004

Acucote Pressure-sensitive labelstocks with environmentally safe, water-based, permanent, removable, and specialty adhesive formulations. Write 977, Visit API Foils Hot stamping foils and supplies: metallic, pigment, pearl, specialty, and holographic foils. Write 978, Visit Avery Dennison, Fasson Roll N.A. Innovative Fasson-brand pressure-sensitive and non-adhesive paper, film, and specialty roll products used by label converters and consumer products packaging designers and manufacturers. Productivity, profitability, and growth achieved with innovative Fasson Advantage™ offering best-in-class service solutions such as next-day delivery, Fasson EXACT™ and RollXchange, an online marketplace for trading surplus roll products. Write 979, Visit Arjobex Polyart™

The Armadillo of Package Printing
February 1, 2004

Synthetic labeling materials are grabbing the attention of converters with their durability and versatility. WITH ITS UNIQUE shell, the nine-banded armadillo is the only mammal in the animal kingdom with armor. Made from plates of bones, its armored shell is coated with a layer of horny skin, protecting the creature from most impending harm. Even with the armored shell, this seemingly awkward animal is very versatile, able to run and even swim. Within the package-printing industry, there is a similar anomaly. Like the armadillo, synthetic labeling materials provide durability and protection for tough applications, along with added versatility. Synthetics Converters are increasingly

May 1, 2003

Acucote Pressure-sensitive labelstocks with environmentally safe, water-based, permanent, removable, and specialty adhesive formulations. Specialists in thermal transfer media. Visit API Foils Hot stamping foils and supplies: metallic, pigment, pearl, specialty, and holographic foils. Visit Avery Dennison, Fasson Roll N.A. Innovative self-adhesive solutions for consumer products and label products. Fasson-brand pressure-sensitive and non-adhesive coated papers, films, and foils in roll form are widely used in brand identity, bar code labeling systems, product identification, and other applications by label converters and consumer products package designers and manufacturers. Visit Contract Converting Contract Converting's Roll Express™ program

packagePRINTING's 2002 Hot List
January 10, 2003

These products and companies were the most sought-after in 2002 by packagePRINTING readers. Top 10: Prepress Equipment 1. Creo—PDF-based packaging workflow Prinergy Powerpack, copydot scanning systems, film imagers, and CtP devices 2. Agfa—Workflow and color management systems including the AgfaScan XY-15 Plus, Sherpa 43 Inkjet system, and Lithostar plates 3. Kodak Polychrome Graphics—Offers Digital and conventional plates, film, and proofing and color technologies including the Kodak Approval XP unit 4. BASF—Offers Nyloflex® and Nyloprint® equipment combinations for processing photopolymer flexo and letterpress plates and sleeves 5. MacDermid—Broad range of sheet, liquid, digital, and water-wash photopolymer plates, platemaking equipment, sleeves,

Hot Products 2004
January 1, 2003

WITH WINTER WEATHER firmly in place, warmth is something that is on everyone's mind. Here's something that is sure to add some heat to 2004. packagePrinting has put together a collection of the hot products of 2004. In categories including prepress, presses, press accessories, substrates, and inks/adhesives, converters can get a glimpse of the latest package-printing products. Prepress Creo Creo's HyperFlex™ screening is new technology aiding in the formation of smaller dots on a photopolymer flexo plate. It provides a thicker foundation of photopolymer material that allows a smaller minimum dot size to be formed and held throughout the print process. DuPont