Paul Reilly

Paul Reilly

Paul Reilly, partner at New Direction Partners, has been in the industry for over 30 years and for the last eight years has been providing investment banking and financial advisory services for privately held and family-owned businesses. He brings supplier experience as a senior executive at Polychrome, now part of Kodak, a worldwide supplier of printing and packaging supplies. He also brings extensive acquisition experience as CEO of Cenveo, one of the industry most active acquirers.

Top Traits of the Most Attractive Companies

An “attractive” company is a well-managed company: one whose owner has kept it competitive by making the right decisions about market focus, technical capability, and customer relationships.

A Post-Closing Checklist for a Successful M&A Integration

In an M&A transaction, navigating the sequence of events dictated by the closing process needs to be carefully managed so the parties involved can successfully reach the point where they can say, "Congratulations - we did it!"

When Completing an Acquisition, Circle Back, then Move Ahead

You've finally made it to the point in an acquisition where you can sit down with the seller and close the deal. This is the point at which we always urge our buying clients to pause, take a breath, and circle back to the essentials of the transaction.

M&A Momentum Continues Strong in 2016

The fast pace of transactions in 2016 tells us that the market is sound and many that are looking for opportunities to buy or sell have had little difficulty in locating them.

Year-End Recap: How Did We Do, and How Will We?

In our recent webinar, we were happy to report that the pace of dealmaking in the industry remains strong and that opportunities for buyers and sellers should continue to be abundant at least in the near term. How long these conditions will last is impossible to predict. For the moment, though, as M&A advisers, we like what we’re seeing.

Accentuate the Negative?

Who would have thought that we’d ever be talking about negative interest rates? Now we have to, because in many places, they’ve become a fact of life.

NDP Analyzes RR Donnelley's Three-Way Split

Perhaps the biggest piece of news in the printing industry so far this year was the recent announcement by RR Donnelley & Sons of its intention to split itself into three independent, publicly traded businesses.

How to Plan for Success in Succession Planning

Some say life is a beach, and if you’re a beachcomber or a professional surfer, that may well be the case. For owners of printing and packaging companies, though, “beach” is a metaphor for life after selling the business.

Five Steps to Take for a Successful Merger

Like any other business transaction, a merger is a structured process with a series of steps necessary for its completion. As an investment banker to the printing and packaging industries, New Direction Partners has participated in scores of such transactions.

A Question of Values: Putting a Number on the Worth of Your Business

Even if you are not in a valuation frame of mind at the moment, it may be useful to begin thinking about the valuation method you would use. In today’s industry, every printing company is a potential candidate for the buyer’s or the seller’s role in an M&A transaction.

The M or the A in Your Future

In this new editorial series for Printing Impressions and packagePRINTING, New Direction Partners will offer guidance in a business strategy that we believe every printer needs to be thoroughly acquainted with: the planning and execution of successful mergers and acquisitions. It's a complex subject, and in columns and blogs to come, we'll detail many of the actions that take place when two printing companies decide to come together to create a whole that's greater than the sum of the parts.