RG Engineering

Get a Grip on Rolls
November 1, 2004

Not every converter needs top-of-the-line roll handling equipment. However, safety, reliability, and durability are three important features to have to ensure increased productivity and economics. THE WORTH OF quality roll handling equipment should not be underestimated. Such machinery plays a quiet, although important and cost-saving, role in the equation Product Converted/Time = Money, according to David Ellingsworth, vice president of RG Engineering Inc. "To save a customer time is to increase overall capacity and the equipment's ability to make money," Ellingsworth said. "When handling standard roll weights ranging 2,000 to 6,000 lbs., the less contact the operator has with the roll the faster and

The Wind-Up and Pitch
November 1, 1998

Look to press suppliers' suggestions, as well as material and tension specs, to make the best unwind/rewind purchase. By Susan Friedman Why venture beyond the standard unwind/rewind system supplied with a press? For package printers, the mission is often to reach a loftier tier of efficiency, productivity or safety. 'Herb' Herbert, president of CTC International, says CTC frequently sells automatic winding equipment to converters seeking a higher level of press automation. "A printing press will always have an unwind and a rewind. But they are not always automatic, unless specified. What comes standard might be a single-arbor unwind and a single-arbor rewind that must