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Chinese Supplier Picks Martin Automatic Equipment
March 27, 2009

ROCKFORD, Ill.—Martin Automatic recently received its third order from Tralin Pak, China, a producer of aseptic packaging materials. Tralin Pak had previously chosen a Martin Automatic splicer (MTB) and a rewinder (RMAP) to go on its F&K press to form the company’s first production line. When it added a second production line at the same site, Tralin Pak again chose Martin Automatic equipment to automate the process.

Seminars For Engineers Increases Offerings
February 27, 2009

MADISON, N.J.—Seminars for Engineers has added new seminars on web handling and converting this year to its established seminar series. Seminars are being held at a variety of regional locations in the U.S., internationally in Germany, and can also be held on-site, in-house at a company’s request. 

Making Ends Meet. . .Fast
August 1, 2008

As finishing processes move into the pressroom, it becomes essential for printers to know how they will fit into their overall business plans and what products are out there to help them enhance their offerings to their customers. Splicing is one area that has seen significant advancements in recent years. We splice whatever you have One of the most significant improvements across the board for splicers has been their ability to splice extremely weak, flimsy, or exotic materials at high speeds, according to Rich Herbert, technical sales manager, CTC International. Splicers can now run a wide range of materials with minimal changeover. The ability

VecoPlan, LLC Introduces New Control System for Its Shredding Systems
March 15, 2007

ARCHDALE, NC/March 15, 2007—VecoPlan, LLC, a leading manufacturer of industrial shredders and shredding systems used in many industries, today announced it new control panel system simply referred to as the Revision 9A with Human-Machine Interface. “The Rev. 9A is major advancement in shredder controls technology,” states Todd Carswell, Vecoplan’s VP of Technical development. “It was a collaborative effort between Marc Parsons, Vecoplan’s Graphics Director, Allen-Bradley, div. of Rockwell Automation, the large industrial controls manufacturer, and myself,” adds Carswell. “The major advantage on the Rev 9A is the customizable program setting that allows you to adjust program settings to your specific application” adds Mr.

New Paper Roll Core Shredder from Vecoplan, LLC
February 19, 2007

ARCDALE, NC—February 19, 2007—Vecoplan, the worldwide leader in size reduction technology, introduces the new VH18/50 PC industrial shredder. Designed specifically to shred long paper roll cores in the quickest and most efficient manner possible, the VH18/50 PC is horizontally fed and processes paper roll cores up to 7.5” in diameter. According to Chris Hawn, Vecoplan’s Director of Business Development “the VH 18/50 PC is economical to purchase, economical to operate and delivers a very quick ROI”. A 12-foot vibratory in-feed conveyor comes as standard equipment with the VH18/50 PC, and Vecoplan offers a wide variety of other conveyor lengths and styles as options. The

Never Boring
February 1, 2007

Shorter runs—they are the reality for many package printers today. This reality can impact your slitters/rewinders by way of greater wear and tear, more frequent tool changes, and so on, but these are not the only packaging trends that affect the slitters/rewinders market. The myriad substrates available to converters alone impacts slitter/rewinder performance and construction. Thank the emergence of flexible packaging for the increased substrate requirements. All these factors will impact your business in terms of what equipment you buy—a typical rewinder versus a turret rewinder, for example—what you will do to increase the lifespan of such equipment, as well as what other types

Waste Not, Wobble Not
February 1, 2007

Web handling is a broad category of products that can range from slitters/rewinders, web guides, register, tension controls, and web inspection. Web guiding and tension control are two factors that help converters control waste as well as the web’s “wobble” as it comes off the roll. In the case of tension control, sensor selection is a major factor. Using low-cost sensors that require constant recalibration is no longer acceptable to converters. Tension Control Issues Although some converters may be intimidated by the tension control concept, the waste reduction and improvement in product quality are more than worth the investment. “Tension control is perhaps

Vecoplan, LLC Introduces PV Paper Shredder
January 3, 2007

HIGH POINT, NC—1/03/07—Vecoplan, the worldwide leader in size reduction technology, introduces the RG42/40 XL (PV) industrial shredder. Designed specifically for paper and printer waste, the PV features an oversized feed ram augmented with “gripper” teeth that work in conjunction with Vecoplan’s patented low speed high torque cutting rotor to ensure the most efficient processing of waste paper. Perfect for sheet waste, skeleton waste, slab waste, signature waste, or virtually any other type of paper waste, the PV delivers two major benefits for printing plants. First, it processes paper for improved baling. The PV produces consistent paper shred sizes that bale better, tighter and neater

Rewinders-A Look at the Future
January 1, 2006

REWINDERS PLAY AN important roll in today's print shops and can make or break a great print run. For example, registration can be right on the mark, color can be perfect, then Whammo!, during the rewinding process the entire roll can "telescope" into a useless pile of wound-up trash. "Maintaining uptime and reducing downtime on the rewinder has been a goal for some time," said Brian Ivens, manager, sales and marketing, Arpeco. "Quality of design and manufacturing has always been a significant method of providing reliability and dependability with equipment." There are many reasons the rewinding process can be a problem, but knowing what

Choosing the Right Equipment
February 1, 2005

Focusing on your customers' application parameters—while keeping cost, safety, and simplicity in mind—are important factors in choosing the right slitter for the job. ACCORDING TO "Slitting Techniques, Choosing the Best Method," produced by Tidland Corporation, it may be safe to say there are not many manufacturing industries that handle such a wide array of processed materials as package printing. Most of these materials need to be slit—cleanly, easily, and safely—in most converters' operations. There are three main slitting methods in use and Tidland has come up with a formula to best match the correct slitting method to the application. Easy as 1, 2, 3