Finishing - Diecutting

Brandtjen & Kluge, Brausse Group Announce Strategic Alliance
May 11, 2012

Brandtjen & Kluge and The Brausse Group announced a strategic agreement in which the two companies will co-market the Brausse 1050 series of foil stamping, embossing and diecutting machines in the United States and Canada. “The combined efforts of our two organizations will result in a world class offering of equipment, training and support for our customers.”

Cutting Die Technology for Ultra-Thin Liners
April 1, 2012

The growing acceptance of ultra-thin film liner material poses a range of challenges for converters and their partners for rotary tooling. As a converter, it is more important than ever to work with your suppliers to maintain the peak performance of your entire diecutting system

Diecutting: Window of Opportunity
February 1, 2011

One of the keys to long-lasting success in any manufacturing business is the ability to recognize the changing needs of the market early enough to acquire the shop-floor equipment to address the needs of clients, and one might say that "evolve or perish" theme is the unofficial mantra adhered to by Printed Specialties Inc.

Delta Printing Adds Bobst Diecutter
July 17, 2009

BOGALUSA, La.—Delta Printing Company, Inc. recently added platen diecutting to the list of services it provides its customers in eastern Louisiana, Mississippi, and the surrounding region.

IADD•FSEA Odyssey: Bright Success In Tough Times
May 29, 2009

ATLANTA—The IADD•FSEA Odyssey celebrated its fifth anniversary May 6-8 in Atlanta. Each year the Odyssey has faced new challenges. However, this year’s rather daunting economic and industry pressures required exhibitors and attendees alike to rally in support of the show. It paid off, as the show closed amid high praise and general optimism that Odyssey will be a catalyst for both industry change and future economic activity.

Omet Holds Open House with Converflex
April 14, 2009

Despite the current economic climate, Omet, the Italian manufacturer of narrow web presses and tissue converting machines, reported high levels of interest in new technology at its recent open house which ran concurrently with the Converflex expo in Milan.

Label Awards: A Hard Day’s Night
October 1, 2008

Label awards competitions can be rewarding experiences, not just for the the winning companies, but for the judges, too. That’s because whenever a group of people brings together a high level of knowledge and skill and then works hard to accomplish a task, it usually has a job-well-done payoff. That’s the case with TLMI’s annual Label Awards competition. According to Pat Hague, Awards Competition Committee judge and vice president of sales for Water Ink -Technologies, Inc., the judges are working harder and harder each year because the contin-ual improvements in quality are making the judging more and more of a challenge. “It’s getting tougher

Schober Technology to Produce Multi-Layer Products in One Pass
February 5, 2007

CINCINNATI, Ohio—Schober USA announces new literature on its Dragon technology for converting multi-layered self-adhesive products in a single pass. The heart of the system is a Central Converting Drum with 5 processing stations to laminate, de-laminate or die-cut materials like film and foil, pressure sensitive paper stock and textiles. Since the workstations are integral to the Central Converting Drum the work-in-process materials stay in register throughout the production process which can include laminating, de-laminating, die-cutting, profile punching, length and cross-cutting, waste extraction, unwinding, rewinding and product delivery. The MLPP-5 is ideal for the cost-effective manufacture of high-precision self-adhesive assembly parts, including cell phones and