Mark Hahn

Mark Hahn

Mark Hahn is a managing director and founder of Graphic Arts Advisors, a boutique strategic financial advisory and consulting firm focused exclusively on the printing, packaging, mailing, marketing services, brand management, and related graphic communications industries. With more than 35 years of graphic communications experience in the areas of finance, operations, sales, M&A, and general management, Hahn has served as chief financial officer, chief operating officer and other senior positions with several commercial printing companies, as well as founding and eventually selling his own printing company.

The firm assists company owners and management, as well as their lenders, investors and shareholders in the following areas: mergers and acquisitions, sale of business, strategic and financial advisory, capital structure and funding, financial analysis, interim and turnaround C-level management, business valuations and serving as consulting experts. Hahn is the author of The Target Report and is regularly published and quoted in printing industry trade and management journals.

Mark Hahn can be reached at (973) 588-7399 or

The Target Report: Packaging Industry Consolidation in Every Direction

There has been no pause, not even a brief breather, in the steam roller-like consolidation of the packaging-related printing businesses. The driving imperative is to consolidate production both horizontally to build out a global network to service global brands, as well as vertically to link supply chains to ensure material availability.

The Target Report: SPACs and Credit Cards for the 1%

A prospective client recently asked me if the use of a Special Purpose Acquisition Company might be applicable to their firm. I said SPACs were suited to much bigger companies. I was wrong. In the case of one industrial printing company, a merger into a SPAC is the pathway to value and liquidity for the owners.

The Target Report: Bags, Pouches, Trays, & Bowls

In this month's edition of the Target Report, ProAmpac targets the old-fashioned brown paper bag in one of the most aggressive roll-ups in the flexible packaging business, and both Ebony and The Village Voice rise from the dead.

The Target Report: Deconsolidation of the Consolidators

Clearly, consolidation of the printing industry will continue; some consolidators will succeed, and others, for reasons of misplaced strategy, or simply bad timing in a tumultuous market, will need to deconsolidate whether via a trip through bankruptcy court or divestitures.

The Target Report: Donuts Lead the Way in Return to Normalcy

June was the first relatively active month for M&A deals since the COVID-19 induced shut-down began. The renewed transactional activity is a clear indication that packaging manufacturers expect demand for packaged products to continue apace or grow, and as a consequence, the appetite for their packaging expertise and capacity will tag right along and grow also. A perfect recipe for more deals in the future.

The Target Report: The Lull Before the Tempest

The Target Report is usually a gestalt of the prior month’s transactional activity. However, given the seismic nature of the current crisis, the rear view mirror is less useful, so we’ll depart from our usual style this month, look backwards just a bit, and offer our view through the front windshield.

The Target Report: Catching the Wave in Corrugated Cartons

The Welch Packaging Group acquired PAX Corrugated Products from Georgia-Pacific amid a trend of the company making corrugated acquisitions. This supports the trend of regional companies leapfrogging to an adjacent metro market via a series of strategically sound acquisitions.