Jim Tepper

Jim Tepper

Jim Tepper spent 38 years leading Printing Industries of New England (PINE), the largest printing association in the Northeast. He joined New Direction Partners in 2012 following his retirement as the President of PINE, which provided management information and services for the industry throughout New England. In his role at PINE, Tepper gave consulting and guidance to many industry firms regarding growth, market positioning, acquisitions, and establishing and executing exit plans. He received a BA from Springfield College and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts. Contact him at (610) 230-0635, ext. 706.

Mining Sources of Capital for Growth by Acquisition

Anyone who owns a printing company today is an owner who should be planning either to sell it or to grow it. Today, the straightest path to growth is through mergers and acquisitions in a market that remains very receptive to these transactions. We see four reasons why the M&A climate continues to be as healthy as it is.

The Anatomies of Acquisition: A Primer

It’s an appeal for help that we’ve grown accustomed to hearing at New Direction Partners: “My sales are flat. We aren’t moving in the right direction as a business. I know I should be thinking about acquiring another company — but what kind of company, and how?”

When It's Time, It's Time

If, as the owner of a printing company, you suddenly decided to stop showing up for work, could the business carry on without you?

The Satisfactions of Strategy

Probably no subject gets more attention from business writers and management gurus than strategy. That’s not surprising. Without a coherent set of objectives — a precisely defined goal to work towards — everything else is just going through the motions without actually getting anywhere.

The Wisdom of New England

A strong ability to adapt to a changing industry, especially when it comes to the strategic use of mergers and acquisitions, has been demonstrated in recent years by members of the Printing Industries of New England, the largest printing trade association in the Northeast.