Package of the Week

This week’s episode of POW! Package of the Week looks at the limited-edition packaging for Oreo Joy! The limited-edition snack is an example of how brands can use printed packaging and clever design to create additional offerings from existing products. The actual cookies inside the limited-edition Oreo Joy! packages have the same classic Oreo flavors, thanks to the bittersweet Dutch cocoa cookies and sweet filling, which means that Mondelez didn’t need to source a bevy of new ingredients to create the product. View the video to learn more about Oreo Joy! Packaging and how Mondelez uses digitally printed packaging.

If you’d like to see your printed packaging spotlighted in a future episode of POW! Package of the Week!, please email and mail two samples of the assembled package (does not need to include product but does need to be assembled) along with details on how your package was printed and converted to Linda Casey, Packaging Impressions magazine, 248 Saxony Loop, Summerville, SC 29486-6939

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