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Trebnick Systems, a flexo printer based in Springboro, Ohio, USA, recently installed an automatic splicer from Martin Automatic. The MBSF butt splicer was put into service on a Mark Andy P-7 flexographic press running supported and unsupported film and other products. Gregg Trebnick reports that the splicer has reduced the company’s material waste in several ways. ‘Before the Martin, we’d lose at least 300 feet of web at a manual splice getting back into register; the non-stop splice doesn’t affect auto registration at all,’ he said. ‘In terms of core waste, with the Martin, we’re able to run down

Pharmaceutical printer and converter, Keller Crescent, installed an ECP splicer from Martin Automatic at its Greensboro, N.C., location.

NASHUA, N.H.—CMM show management has announced that bielomatik, J&H Printing Solutions, Propheteer, BST Pro Mark, Martin Automatic, DMS, and Alden & Ott Printing Ink will be some of the leading companies showcasing their latest equipment at the Show’s new Narrow-To-Mid-Web Converting Tech Center at the Rosemont Convention Center, June 4-7 in Rosemont, Illinois. Designed to help converters better understand how they can combine both narrow- and mid-web converting technologies, the new Technology Center will feature operating equipment from leading manufacturers producing various jobs during the entire four days of the Show. Produced in conjunction with DiTrolio Flexographic Institute, select conference and training sessions combining

REWINDERS PLAY AN important roll in today's print shops and can make or break a great print run. For example, registration can be right on the mark, color can be perfect, then Whammo!, during the rewinding process the entire roll can "telescope" into a useless pile of wound-up trash. "Maintaining uptime and reducing downtime on the rewinder has been a goal for some time," said Brian Ivens, manager, sales and marketing, Arpeco. "Quality of design and manufacturing has always been a significant method of providing reliability and dependability with equipment." There are many reasons the rewinding process can be a problem, but knowing what

ROCKFORD, Ill.—The Flexographic Trade School (FTS) of Ft. Mill, SC, has received a new STS automatic butt splicer from Martin Automatic. The STS 05-13-31 has been installed on a 10-inch 8-color Mark Andy 2200 press in the school's pressroom. The school runs a number of programs and classes, from introductory courses to advanced operator training. One of the priorities of the school is to go beyond the basics of running a press to learn how to work under real production environment and profitable production flow. "We're excited to have this new Martin splicer," says Jack Duncan, Program Director for FTS. "I'm looking forward to

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