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Beyond Star Wars' use of lasers, package printers are using two main types of lasers to engrave cells into anilox rolls. by Joy English, Assistant Editor THROUGOUT OUR LIVES, we are constantly fascinated by things that light up. We capture fireflies and "ooh" and "aww" at Fourth of July fireworks. Laser light shows are a big attraction at amusement parks and even science museums, where rays of light dance to funky background music. But these beams of light energy can be very powerful and very useful tools in various industries. In the package-printing industy, lasers are being used to engrave anilox rolls for

Eat, drink, sleep, live: drupa 2004 by Joy English, Assistant Editor AS MESSE DÜSSELDORF GmbH prepares for drupa 2004, taking place May 6-19 at the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany, it is making every attempt to make sure attendees are eating, drinking, sleeping, and living drupa. To do so, it has initiated "drupacity Düsseldorf." Manuel Mataré, drupa project manager, explained, "In an effort to enhance the 'feel good' factor, Messe Düsseldorf is putting in place an extensive service network together with numerous partners from the hotel, restaurant, retail, and art and culture areas who will stage attractive special events and activities exclusively for drupa."

For narrow-web press manufacturers, slender is the way to go. by Joy English, Assistant Editor IN THE UNITED States, it seems as though almost everything comes in super-sized proportions, from french fries and sodas to trashbags and toilet paper. But increased numbers do not necessarily equate to increased value. Narrow-web press suppliers will agree. They are offering converters a "super-sized" value, without the extra inches. And converters looking for short-run flexibility with quick changeovers are finding that narrow-web presses are opening the door to increased flexibility and more options. Narrowing the field Narrow-web presses, generally less than 24˝ wide, are making short-runs and

Terms define technology, but for package printers, wide-format presses are enabling them to define their industry. by Joy English, Assistant Editor THE PACKAGE-PRINTING industry is filled with numerous terms and definitions, spelling out the processes that form its daily functions. Although these definitions help with understanding and categorization, in the end, it's the equipment that must perform. Today's wide-format presses do this well, providing the converter with everything from ease of operation and increased speeds and widths to customization. Functionality Multifunctionality, especially in regards to press capabilities, is vital to a converter's ability to add value to its customers' printing jobs. And top press

Facing off in the laminating ring are in-line vs. off-line laminators; and while each has their own punches to throw and to receive, it is the converter who decides the champion. by Joy English, Assistant Editor JUNE 19, 1936 MARKED the day that heavyweight champion Joe Louis and Max Schmeling squared off in what would be a boxing match to remember. Schmeling entered the ring as the underdog, but claimed the titled when he handed Louis his first ring defeat. It wasn't until two years later that Louis would reclaim his heavyweight title from Schmeling. Today, squaring off in the laminating ring are in-line

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