April 1, 2021

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Sponsored by Multi-Plastics Inc.

Help Us Put the Squeeze on Single-Use Plastics

At Multi-Plastics, weʻre on a mission. Our EnviroCycle PET ShrinK Films are 100% recyclable*, an innovation which allows printed sleeves to recycle with the bottle—keeping plastics out of the landfill and providing the environmental stewardship brand owners require. Partner with us as we bring full-cycle sustainability to environmental responsibility.

Sponsored by New Direction Partners

How Prepared Are You For the Future?

Whether establishing valuation, assisting with succession planning, or working with you on mergers and acquisitions, New Direction Partners is the only investment banking firm dedicated to the print and packaging industry. Founded in 2009, we leverage our collective years of industry experience to work with business owners, offering a variety of services. Our Partners and Directors have closed more than 300 transactions, and we were recognized by Axial as #5 in its Top 20 Lower Middle Market Investment Banks in Q3 2019. Contact us to learn how we can help you prepare for a profitable future.


Why It’s Still a Good Time to Buy/Sell Your Printing or Packaging Company

Join us in our discussion about how there are more active buyers in the marketplace than ever before. In addition to the two traditional types of buyers, Strategic and Financial, there is now a new type of buyer active in our industry, the Search Fund.


Digital Packaging Summit Series

We had so much great content from our sponsors at the 2020 Digital Packaging Summit that we wanted to share it with you in this special section. If you are interested in participating in the next Summit, email dpsinfo@napco.com

Sponsored by INX International Ink Co.

The Next Generation of Digital Product Decoration

With chemists, engineers and software experts focused on inkjet formulations and print drive electronics, INX Digital can provide cost-effective customer-driven solutions. For optimizing an entire inkjet system or any part of it, INX Digital has the experience and resources to explore new possibilities for customization and integration.

Sponsored by XEIKON

Trade Label Printer Adds Xeikon Folding Carton Solution

Stouse, LLC, examined various digital press options and quickly concluded that the Xeikon 3500 digital press was particularly well-suited for folding cartons. “Xeikon was a natural and it was an easy decision to make. “They’re the clear leaders in the digitally printed folding carton space.


Weekly Headlines


Landa Bolsters Global Team to Meet Market Demand

To support its fast-growing customer base, Landa Digital Printing is aggressively expanding its global team and business development infrastructure with the appointment of several new sales professionals.


Nosco to Scale Up Carton Production by 125 Million Units in 2023

Nosco announced plans to scale up carton production at its Wisconsin-based Packaging Innovation Center. The new high-volume carton line will be housed in Nosco’s recently expanded 271,000-sq.-ft. headquarters facility, and will help catapult the company into next-level growth.


Corrugated Packaging Converter Invests in EFI Nozomi 14000 LED Digital Press

Carlisle Container Company will significantly decrease turnaround times and boost efficiency with the acquisition of an EFI Nozomi 14000 LED single-pass inkjet corrugated packaging press from EFI.


U.S. Plastics Pact Creates Reuse Catalyst to Support Reuse & Refill Pilots

The U.S. Plastics Pact has begun accepting applications for its Reuse Catalyst, a program designed to support and develop innovators that have scalable reuse and refill solutions for the United States.


Diversified Labeling Solutions Adds New HP Indigo Label Quoting Tool to DLS Label Portal

Diversified Labeling Solutions has added an HP Indigo label quoting tool to the DLS Label Portal. This new tool allows distributors to receive immediate quotes for small to medium-sized label jobs that require high-quality print.


Package of the Week


Digital Printing, Smart Design Elevates Rap Artist's Specialty Food Line

This week’s package episode looks at the labels for Sniffin Griffins Original BBQ Rub. View the view to learn more about the digitally printed packaging that celebrates the brand story of Sniffin Griffins’ founder and rap artist extraordinare Warren G.