April 1, 2021

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Sponsored by GEW, Inc.

GEW UV Curing Systems are the Future for Packaging Companies

We exist in a world of ever-increasing and ever-evolving packaging design, and GEW’s UV curing systems offer the best balance between Mercury Arc and UV LED as customers demand greater efficiency and quality from new technologies within the industry. Download our article to find out how GEW’s ArcLED systems can help your packaging company progress by developing new possibilities, new revenue streams and greater efficiencies internally.

Sponsored by Heidelberg

Maximize Your Existing Digital Print Engine’s Potential.

Investing in new equipment to diversify your print production portfolio can be enticing, but when utilized to their maximum potential, existing digital print engines have the power to lead your business toward exciting growth opportunities. Join us on July 28th to learn how two Heidelberg customers leveraged their Versafire digital print engines to expand their business into new market segments.


Accelerating Business Growth with Your Digital Print Equipment

In this webinar, you will hear from two Heidelberg customers, who have leveraged their Versafire digital print engines to grow their business into new market segments, expanding their capabilities and customer base.


Disruptive Digital Printing for Label and Packaging: Can Inkjet Do it Again?

This webinar will feature inkjet industry experts who will share their insights into the technical hurdles and advantages of inkjet, packaging applications where it shines, and burgeoning opportunities on the horizon. We will also cover both the near-term and long-term views of inkjet’s impact on the ever-expanding label and packaging markets.


Digital Packaging Summit Series

We had so much great content from our sponsors at the 2020 Digital Packaging Summit that we wanted to share it with you in this special section. If you are interested in participating in the next Summit, email dpsinfo@napco.com

Sponsored by INX International Ink Co.

The Next Generation of Digital Product Decoration

With chemists, engineers and software experts focused on inkjet formulations and print drive electronics, INX Digital can provide cost-effective customer-driven solutions. For optimizing an entire inkjet system or any part of it, INX Digital has the experience and resources to explore new possibilities for customization and integration.

Sponsored by XEIKON

Trade Label Printer Adds Xeikon Folding Carton Solution

Stouse, LLC, examined various digital press options and quickly concluded that the Xeikon 3500 digital press was particularly well-suited for folding cartons. “Xeikon was a natural and it was an easy decision to make. “They’re the clear leaders in the digitally printed folding carton space.


Weekly Headlines


TriState Container Takes Customer-Centric Approach to Digital Corrugated Production

by Cory Francer

TriState Container was recently announced as the first install location for Xeikon’s IDERA, the new single-pass, production-level, digital corrugated platform. Allen Friedman, president of TriState Container, says he is excited to see the advantages that IDERA can bring to his customers from both a cost and creativity standpoint.


PRINTING United Expo 2021 Brings Packaging Community Together with All Printing Segments

Leading packaging companies and associations have signed on to gather with printing segments across the board to take part in the PRINTING United Expo, which will be held Oct. 6-8 in Orlando, Fla.


2021 Print Business Indicators: Recovery Has Begun

by Andrew D. Paparozzi

Recovery has begun for the printing industry. Sales are growing and confidence is on the rise, but operating cost inflation and labor shortages are squeezing margins. Those are primary conclusions of the second quarter 2021 Print Business Indicators Survey.


ProAmpac Announces Acquisition of APC Paper Group

With this acquisition, ProAmpac expands its paper manufacturing capabilities and strengthens its market position in the important recycled and sustainable product categories.


Baldwin to Unveil Ultra-Wide FlexoCleanerBrush at SuperCorrExpo

A centerpiece of Baldwin’s booth at SuperCorrExpo will be the new ultra-wide FlexoCleanerBrush (126 inches/3.2 meters), a fully automated, state-of-the-art flexo plate cleaning system.


Koenig & Bauer Technology Offers Label Segment Advantages

While the U.S. demand for labels is forecast to rise 3.3% per year to $20.6 billion in 2025, Koenig & Bauer is seeing “significant growth,” especially in North America, as well as worldwide.


Package of the Week


How Compostable Packaging Helps this Microwaveable Meal Brand Stand Out

On today’s episode of POW!, we’re taking a look at the packaging for Passage Foods. These meals, which do not require refrigeration or freezing, feature a compostable bowl, along with a recyclable paperboard sleeve, making for a convenient and environmentally-friendly package.