packagePRINTING – July 2011


Adding Brand 
Owner Value

From a brand owner's perspective, grabbing the consumer's attention with its product is the greatest challenge when competing against so many choices on the shelves. ASL Print FX helps brand owners do just that.

Beauty and
 the Beast

In an overall economic environment stuck somewhere between uncertainty and maybe even foreboding, the tag and label industry still has energy and a dynamic thread driven by innovation and opportunity.

Label Regs –Tom Polischuk

Lots of new and pending government regulations of product labeling were in the headlines recently. The news that received the most attention in the U.S. involved the FDA'S unveiling of new graphic warning label requirements for cigarette packaging.

Printer News - July 2011

News on printers in the package printing industry, including Schreiner Group, Emerald Packaging Inc., RockTenn, Cortegra, Master Packaging, and more.

Supplier News - July 2011

News on suppliers to the package printing industry, including Mark Andy, Heidelberg, acpo ltd., Bunting Magnetics, Presstek, Martin Automatic, and more.