packagePRINTING July 2010 edition


August 2010 Supplier News

News on suppliers to the packaging printing industry, featuring Avery Dennison.

Coast to Coast

Equipment, software and service purchases by U.S. packaging printers, including Bema Polytech.

Process Control Is Key to Effective Ink Optimization

While ink usage represents only a small fraction of the overall cost of a print job, it can have a significant impact on pressroom efficiency and the quality of the finished product.

Reinventing CardPak

When a company is successful during recessionary times, it's usually no accident. The success often results from a combination of strong, focused leadership; teamwork and commitment; and lots of hard work—all directed toward a vision of what needs to be accomplished. This pretty much describes what has taken place at Solon, Ohio-based CardPak, Inc. during the last three years.

Success by Design

With all the visual noise customers face as they shop, a package must be distinctive, eye-catching, and, nowadays, useful to the customer beyond holding the goods purchased. Printers play an important role.

Sustainable Future —Polischuk

I hope sustainability is not a subject people get tired of hearing about. It really shouldn't be—in many ways it could be the central theme for the generation of young adults just starting to make their mark on the world.