packagePRINTING January 2013


Choosing the Right Label Adhesive

Because of the diverse nature of packaging applications in various markets, from food and beverage packaging to health and beauty packaging, no one set of label properties will deliver the best performance and aesthetics in every case. Careful consideration should be made regarding every aspect of a labeling application to determine how to best balance functionality and visual appeal. It is important to consider more than just a label's facestock when choosing labeling materials.

Digital Domain - January 2013

Digital printing and workflow implementations by package printers, including items on Favors and Flowers, Lion Labels, Color-Logic and MGI Digital Graphic Technology.

Featured Products - January 2013

Featured Products for the flexographic, narrow-web and package printing industries, including AAA Press, Aetek UV, GEW, Grafix, IST America and XericWeb.

Heidelberg's Apprenticeship Program –Polischuk

I finished up 2012 on a good note, taking part in a four-day program hosted by Heidelberg at its headquarters in Germany. One of the particular highlights was a tour of several halls at the manufacturing operation in Wiesloch-Walldorf. Although the plant was impressive on just about every level, the one image that will definitely stay with me was to see where Heidelberg was training its apprentices.

K-1 Packaging Is a One-Stop Shop for Customers

For K-1 Packaging Group, a City of Industry-based, family-owned and operated producer of folding cartons, narrow-web labels, flexible packaging, and rigid boxes, the one-stop-shop definition is said to run deep. "While we are the proverbial jack-of-all-trades, we are not dabblers," says Mike Tsai, president. "Our in-house staffs that specialize in each of the print processes that we offer are deeply committed to their respective crafts."

Managing SKU Proliferation

Gilchrist & Soames not only supplies its own branded guest amenities, it also offers exclusively designed custom collections that support and enhance the brand positioning of individual properties. Looking for an easier way to streamline and simplify the label development and production process, Gilchrist & Soames turned to WS Packaging Group and its WebFlex™ online ordering, proofing, and graphics asset management system.

On-Demand Labels Streamline Product Inventory Management

As a premium brand, JACLO realized that its packaging needed to reflect the changing retail environment. With the EPSON® ColorWorks™ C3400 label printer, JACLO found a solution that met all of its needs. The printer produces color labels on demand as wide as 4.4 inches and at speeds up to 3.7 inches per second. Chris Pike, COO, at JACLO was sold on the idea of moving to on-demand labeling, and JACLO installed a series of Epson printers into operations, which eliminated the need for pre-printed label stocks. JACLO was also able to connect the printers to its ERP system, which resulted in a totally automated labeling operation.

Packaging Design Ideas to Bolster Your Brand

Making the decision to either slightly refresh your package or do a major overhaul depends on the health of your brand. We often see brands that have been declining over the years, yet are hesitant to implement a packaging redesign. Today's brands need to continually advance forward to remain relevant. If you think of your brand's packaging as the living, breathing way in which your product is brought to life, then continually evolving your package makes ROI sense.

Printer News - January 2013

News on printers in the packaging printing industry, including Universal Lubricants, Curtis Packaging Corporation, Bemis Performance Packaging, JohnsByrne Company, CCL Industries Inc., WS Packaging, Graphic Packaging Holding Company and PaperWorks Industries.

Reducing Ink Costs

Two converters, Albéa and Thoro Packaging, have saved a significant amount of money through the Sun Chemical Dispenser Program, a system that provides in-house ink dispensing and gives printers the ability to mix the exact amount of ink that they need when they need it. Package printers that participate in the program must agree to purchase a minimum annual amount of Sun Chemical bases and inks and in return receive a GFI Mx12 dispenser that provides spot color accuracy to within 0.001/lb.

Supplier News - January 2013

News on suppliers to the packaging printing industry, including items on Heidelberg, Bobst, Wilson Manufacturing, Multi-Plastics Inc., Nilpeter, Emerald Packaging and Gintzler Graphics.

Sustainability Watch - January 2013

Sustainability in package printing news, featuring Twin Rivers Paper Co., Kodak and TLMI.