packagePRINTING April 2013 Edition


Converting Suppliers Meet Short-run Needs

The impact of shorter production runs, combined with the established practices at lean, productive companies to minimize inventories at all stages of production, has resulted in many supply chain changes, including those at converters that supply materials to package printers.

Editor's Notes: Be Actable –Polischuk

So now print is augmenting its quincentennial stature by serving as a gateway into the digital world. Although simple and easy to use, there's more than meets the eye. Quad/Graphics' mobile technology platform, Interactive Print Solutions (IPS), can incorporate various technologies that deliver an enhanced experience. These include: QR Codes, Image Recognition, Aumented Reality, and Near-Field Communications (NFC).

Featured Products - April 2013

Featured Products for the flexographic, narrow-web and package printing industries, including Fives North American, DFE, Montalvo Corp., BST Pro Mark, Accuweb Inc., Erhardt + Leimer and Maxcess.

Flexo for Short Runs

Digital might be jockeying to become the industry's signature printing entrée, but it's clear that in many operations, there is still plenty of room on the table for flexo. At Atlanta-based narrow-web converter GENflex Labeling Solutions, for instance, a print process buffet of sorts is offered, in which both flexo and digital are billed as of vital importance to meeting customer needs.

FTA Forum 2013

The Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) is all set to celebrate its 55th anniversary at its big bash—the annual FTA Forum and INFO*FLEX exhibition. With a theme of "Right Here. Right Now.", this year's technical conference and exhibition will take place at the San Diego Convention Center in beautiful San Diego, California from April 28 to May 1.

Predicting Spot Color Overprints

A continuing trend in package printing is the increasing complexity of jobs and the use of multicolor printing, while at the same time meeting brand owner demands to reduce time to market. Many packaging jobs require different combinations of inks, substrates, screening, and other variables.

Printer News - April 2013

News on printers in the packaging printing industry, including The Association of International Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators (AIMCAL), The Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute (TLMI), Fort Dearborn Company, Clondalkin Pharma and Healthcare North America and Tapp Label.

Supplier News - April 2013

News on suppliers to the packaging printing industry, including items on World Top Brewery and Color-Logic; Label Technology and Label Technology; Bunting Magnetics Co.; iSys Label; Grafix Equipment; Harper Corporation of America; and Louis Oscar Werneke, founder of Werneke Ink.

Trends in Packaging M&A

There are several themes that are dominating today's mergers and acquisition (M&A) marketplace. The most prevalent theme is the use of M&A to expand the global footprint of the buyer. Packaging companies are finding it easier to buy their way into geographic expansion rather than build their way.